Being Brains: Making The Cerebral Subject

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Inspired by the homonymous book by Fernando Vidal and Francisco Ortega, this timespace presents the authors' genealogy of the cerebral subject and the influence of the neurological discourse in human sciences, mental health and culture.

This timeline has 358 events organized into 9 topics:

  • To Begin With
  • Chap. 1: Genealogy of the Cerebral Subject
  • Other works, books and talks by Vidal and Ortega
  • Chap. 2: Neuroaesthetics
  • Chap. 2: The Neurodisciplines of Culture
  • Chap. 2: Disciplines of the Neuro
  • Chap. 3: Cerebralizing Distress
  • Chap. 4: Brains on Paper
  • Chap. 4: Brains on Screen