Neuroaesthetics as a field of study

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A decade [after Semir Zeki's coining of the word], neuroaesthetics was depicted as coming of age “as a field of study in its own right,” devoted to exploring the “neural foundations of aesthetic appreciation” (Cela-Conde et al. 2011, Chatterjee 2010, Nadal and Pearce 2011). The new discipline might be undergoing “growing pains” (Chatterjee 2012), but that has not prevented it from being outstandingly productive.

Vidal, Fernando and Ortega, Francisco. Being Brains: Making the Cerebral Subject (Forms of Living)....

To learn more, you can watch these talks by Anjan Chatterjee and Marcos Nadal, researchers of neuroaesthetics cited by Vidal and Ortega:
How your brain decides what is beautiful | Anjan Chatterjee
Cognitive Neuroscience of Aesthetics
Or you can request access to these articles:

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Anjan Chatterjee M.D., Elliott Professor of Neurology at Penn Medicine and the author of Aesthetic B...

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Cover of Aesthetic Brain: How We Evolved to Desire Beauty and Enjoy Art, by Anjan Chatterjee

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