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The New Brain Sciences: Field or Fields? by Abi-Rached


The singular “neuroscience” is practical, but it masks the heterogeneity of approaches, methods, and concepts used to deal empirically with the brain (on this point see for example Abi-Rached 2008).

Vidal, Fernando and Ortega, Francisco. Being Brains: Making the Cerebral Subject (Forms of Living) (...

Abi-Rached is a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University’s Society of Fellows and a Lecture...
Check the link below to read the article:

Abi-Rached, Joelle M. 2008. “The New Brain Sciences: Field or Fields?” Brain Self and Society workin...


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Published in 10/10/2018

Updated in 19/02/2021

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