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On December 17, 2012, the book "Room Full of Referrals" was released.


Room Full of Referrals

Author: Dr. Tony Alessandra, Dr. Ivan Misner & Dawn Lyons

Master the Art of Networking!

…”and how to network for them!” Can you imagine the day you walk into a room full of people and know exactly how to gain referrals for your business? You understand what conversation to start and with whom, how to develop beneficial relationships, the specific ways to motivate individuals, and even how to speak their language. And you can do all of this in 90 seconds or less! This book will create a new mindset in the business networking world. You are not walking into a room full of people when you go to networking events; you are walking into a Room Full of Referrals®. The real question is – do you know HOW to network for those referrals? “There is one major obstacle to overcome at networking functions – you!” “Your Behavioral Style IS affecting your referability!” “Are you treating others the way that they want to be treated.




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Published in 12/06/2019

Updated in 19/02/2021

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