On November 08, 2018, the book "Who’s in Your Room: The Secret to Creating Your Best Life" was released.

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Who’s in Your Room: The Secret to Creating Your Best Life
Authors: Ivan Misner, Stewart Emery, Rick Sapio

Are you living your best life? Do you ever feel overwhelmed or inefficient? Are you happy with the people you surround yourself with? Are you having trouble achieving some of your life goals? If you said yes to any of these questions, don’t worry–there’s hope. You see, the quality of your life depends on the people in your life. The simple and powerful ideas in this book can change your life forever.

Who’s in Your Room? introduces you to the concept of your life being like a room–a room where anyone who enters affects your life . . . forever. Although this concept may sound frightening, this book gives you the tools and exercises you need to take control of your room and live the life you desire.

This book brings in experts to describe how people leave you with memories that cannot be erased but can be managed. You manage them by determining what’s really important to you, and then you can determine how to spend your time and whom you should be spending it with. Stop living according to everyone else’s rules. Shape your life by taking control of your room. Live your life by your design!

What Does Your Room Look Like?
What Does Your Room Look Like?



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