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David Cameron backs referendum on Europe


David Cameron backs referendum on Europe

Prime minister says it is 'cleanest, neatest and simplest way' of giving public say on Britain's role but denies move to right

David Cameron has given his backing to a referendum on the European Union, saying it is the "cleanest, neatest and simplest way" of giving the public a say on Britain's position in Europe.

The prime minister firmed up his stance two days after suggesting voters should have the opportunity to give "fresh consent" to a new settlement on the EU, signalling that the Conservatives intend to include a referendum in their manifesto ahead of the next general election.

Cameron made clear that a referendum would not pose the "in/out" question sought by many in his party, but would be about changing Britain's position within the EU.

His comments came during an interview in which he denied that his leadership was moving the Tories further to the right, insisting, rather, that his party represented "the common ground of British politics".

— The Guardian

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Published in 30/01/2020

Updated in 19/02/2021

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