Boris Johnson is the new Prime Minister

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Boris Johnson's first speech as prime minister in full

Boris Johnson becomes the UK's new prime minister

Boris Johnson has officially taken over as the UK's new prime minister.

It's after he beat Jeremy Hunt in the race to become leader of the Conservative Party and can now also begin the process of forming his government.

Around 160,000 Conservative Party members could vote for who they wanted to win in the race to replace Theresa May.

Not everyone who could vote did. Some of the votes were not counted because they were spoilt. Of those that were counted, Boris Johnson won 92,153 votes, while Jeremy Hunt collected 46,656, meaning Mr Johnson will take over as the new prime minister today.

In his victory speech, he promised he would "deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn" (the leader of the Labour Party, who are the Conservatives' rivals).

— BBC Newsround

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Boris Johnson becomes the UK's new prime minister. BBC Newsround.

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The Rise Of Boris Johnson, The UK's New Controversial Prime Minister
Johnson posing with an Aston Martin painted with the UK flag.

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Protest against Boris Johnson in London, UK. Photograph by Jannes Van den Wouwer.

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