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May announces date for vote on Brexit deal


Theresa May sets January date for MPs' Brexit vote

MPs will vote on the UK's Brexit deal in the week beginning 14 January, Theresa May has told Parliament.

The vote was due to be held last week but was put on hold after Mrs May admitted she was set to lose.

Announcing a new date, she said the EU had made it clear the Irish backstop was "not a plot to trap the UK", and urged MPs to see Brexit through.

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would table a motion of no confidence in the PM for delaying the vote.

He told the Commons it was unacceptable that MPs had to wait another month before having their say on Mrs May's deal. He added the PM had "led the country into a national crisis".

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Theresa May sets January date for MPs' Brexit vote. BBC News.



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Published in 29/01/2020

Updated in 19/02/2021

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