Johnson proposes alternative to the backstop

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Boris Johnson's Brexit alternative to the Irish backstop: what's new?

Politicians have been quick to offer their verdict on Boris Johnson’s seven-page plan, but what does it contain and how is it different to Theresa May’s deal?

The key difference is it replaces the controversial Irish border backstop with a new protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland grouped around five key points, including a big shift on how food and goods are treated and a legally binding role for the Northern Ireland devolved assembly, the so-called Stormont lock.

Here are the five points:

1. Commitment to the Belfast/Good Friday agreement (GFA) of 1998

2. A continuing commitment to longstanding areas of UK/Ireland collaboration including those provisions in the GFA

3. An all-island regulatory zone for agri-food and manufactured goods

4. All-island regulatory zone must be approved by the people of Northern Ireland

5. Northern Ireland will leave the EU customs union along with the rest of the UK

— The Guardian

Read more about each point in detail on the link:

Boris Johnson's Brexit alternative to the Irish backstop: what's new? The Guardian.

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