David Cameron rejects the idea of a EU referendum

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Cameron defies Tory right over EU referendum

Prime minister, buoyed by successful negotiations on eurozone banking reform, rejects "in or out" referendum on EU

David Cameron placed himself on a collision course with the Tory right when he mounted a passionate defence of Britain's membership of the EU and rejected out of hand an "in or out" referendum.

Buoyed by a successful Brussels summit, in which Britain moved to block plans to extend a eurozone banking union across the EU, the prime minister hailed his "practical eurosceptic" approach.

Speaking at the end of the summit, the prime minister said: "For those of us who are practical eurosceptics, who know there is a real benefit from being engaged but are frustrated by some of the ways the relationship works, I see lots of reasons to say the argument is going our direction."

— The Guardian

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