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May asks for extension to 30 June 2019


Brexit: May awaits EU Brexit extension decision

Theresa May is waiting to hear the decision of the other 27 EU leaders, who are discussing her request for a short delay to Brexit.

The PM wants to move the UK's exit date from Friday to 30 June - but leaders are split over the length of delay.

Seventeen member states so far favour a long extension, including Germany, while France wants a short delay.

Reuters reports that the French president told the summit a delay beyond 30 June would jeopardise the EU.

A no-deal Brexit was not the worst option and the EU would run a higher risk if the UK obstructed EU operations, a French official is reported to have said.

The PM spoke for about an hour at the summit, before leaving the room to leave the EU leaders to discuss her request.

All the leaders have spoken and had a break, and they will now each speak for a second time.

The EU member states have to reach a unanimous decision by law.

Earlier Mrs May said she "regretted" that the UK had not already left, adding that she had "been clear" with the EU that she was only seeking a short delay to Brexit.

— BBC News

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