Episode 280: We Versus Me

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Dr. Misner’s guest Michael Drew has helped create 74 bestsellers through his company Promote a Book, Inc., including some of Dr. Misner’s own. The topic of today’s podcast is his latest book, Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future, which explores the way networking groups like BNI are positioned to grow massively over the next 30 years. Reasons for this include:

- Society increasingly desires to work together for the common good. BNI exists for the benefit of all members, not for any one member.

- Society’s need for community is so great that it demands new technology to create this. BNI creates community, and now has BNI Connect to help.

- A “Me” cycle is plastic. A “We” cycle is authentic. BNI members help each other find people who already need the products and services they provide.

- Today’s customers are looking for relationships, not transactions. BNI is all about relationships.

BNI members can get the book for only $7.00 (the cost of shipping and handling) at penduluminaction.com/bni/. (This offer is good for a limited time only, so if you find this episode two years from now and the link doesn’t work, don’t be surprised.)

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Episode 280



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