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Episode 613: The Value of Visitors (Classic Podcast)



David Clegg joins Dr. Misner this week to talk about the value of visitors in BNI. Visitors pass referrals to BNI members, whether or not they join. The average Thank You for Closed Business for a visitor in BNI is $1000.

If everyone in every BNI chapter brought one visitor per month, the average chapter would experience a bump in TYCB of $330,480. (Numbers come from BNI Connect.) The average member would experience an average of $12,000 in additional thank-you-for-closed-business from visitors.

If you follow the Power of One, as discussed in Episode 517, you’ll increase your bottom line considerably. One of the easiest ways to invite visitors is to use the acronym GRIP: Do you want to GROW your business? Would REFERRALS help? Are you INTERESTED in …? Here’s the PLACE we meet.

If you invite visitors on a regular basis, your chapter will grow and thrive, and so will your own business.

Episode 613



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Published in 19/06/2019

Updated in 19/02/2021

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