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Construction of the Choir and its double ambulatory


During this period, the construction of the Cathedral started from the Choir and its double ambulatory. On the floorplan below, the Choir and ambulatory are shown on the right; on the second image, it is indicated on the bottom left.

Source unknown.
Source unknown.
Paris: The Great Saga - How Notre Dame was built



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Published in 22/04/2019

Updated in 19/02/2021

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01/01/184431/05/1864Major restorationMajor restoration
15/04/2019 • 18:20:0016/04/2019 • 08:30:00Fire
19/05/1182Consecration of the master altarConsecration of the master altar
01/01/199001/01/1992Restoration of the great organRestoration of the great organ
01/01/1260Construction of the South RoseConstruction of the South Rose
01/01/1250Construction of the North RoseConstruction of the North Rose
01/01/1225Construction of the West RoseConstruction of the West Rose
01/01/1250Construction of the first spireConstruction of the first spire
01/01/178601/01/1792The first spire was dismantled
15/04/2019 • 19:53:00The spire collapsed under the fire