Trip to India and first hospitalization

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The first hospitalization of which friends speak resulted, in the mid-1960s, from a break that occurred during a trip by freighter to India (much like the one she had discussed with Georgia O'Keeffe); it is generally described as a rather Passage to India-like episode of spiritual excursion gone awry.

—Nancy Princenthal on the book Agnes Martin: Her Life and Art

By 1964, Martin had managed to earn enough from two shows at the Elkon Gallery to plan a trip around the world, but she had barely arrived in Bombay when she got sick. She spent a month and a half in the hospital there and then came home. 'I didn't get to look around much', she says dryly.

—Benita Eisler, on her 1993 New Yorker profile of Agnes Martin

Life Lines, by Benita Eisler



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