Moved to Taos, New Mexico

01/01/1992View on timeline

Image from Life Lines, Martin's 1993 profile on The New Yorker, written by Benita Eisler

Life Lines, by Benita Eisler

In 1992, she moved into a retirement community in Taos, New Mexico, driving each day to her studio in a spotless white BMW, one of the few extravagances in a life still dedicated to extreme material simplicity.

—Olivia Laing, on The Guardian

Agnes Martin: the artist mystic who disappeared into the desert, by Olivia Laing

Agnes Martin in Taos, New Mexico Studio, 1993. Photograph by Dan Budnik. Image from a Culture Trip a...

An Intimate Look at the Life of Minimalist Painter Agnes Martin, by Amber C. Snider



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