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Agnes Bernice Martin was born on a farm in Macklin, 

Saskatchewan, Canada, in March 22, 1912.

She had three siblings. 

I can remember the minute I was born.
I thought I was a small figure with a little sword and I was very happy.
I thought I would cut my way through life victory after victory.
Then, they carried me into my mother and half my victories fell to the ground.

—Agnes Martin on the documentary Agnes Martin: With My Back To The World, by Mary Lance

Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World Trailer
Schaffner Agnes Martin siblings photo. (L to R: Maribel, Malcom Jr., Agnes with cat, Ronald). Courte...
Macklin, Saskatchewan: a return (skip to 123s)

An Intimate Look at the Life of Minimalist Painter Agnes Martin, by Amber C. Snider

Macklin: History of a Prairie Town



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