The Second Maiden's Tragedy


The Second Maiden's Tragedy is a Jacobean play that survives only in manuscript. The play comes from a handwritten manuscript and it is the only one left in existence in that form. It was written in 1611, and performed in the same year by the King's Men. The play itself was written during the Jacobean era. Included in the manuscript are stage directions as well as the text. Because there is only one manuscript, there are no other references as to what other stage directions and notes were needed. The manuscript was acquired, but never printed, by the publisher Humphrey Moseley after the closure of the theatres in 1642. In 1807, the manuscript was acquired by the British Museum. Victorian Poet and critic, Algernon Swinburne, was the first to attribute this work to Thomas Middleton; this judgement has since been joined by most editors and scholars. The play has received few modern revivals. It was the opening production at the newly refurbished Hackney Empire studio in 2006 starring Alexander Fiske-Harrison and Jos Vantyler.

George Buc's license at the end of the manuscript. It reads "This second Maydens tragedy (for it hat...


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