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Karl Schwarzschild solves Einstein's equations

Karl Schwarzschild (1873 – 1916) was a German physicist and astronomer.

Schwarzschild provided the first exact solution to the Einstein field equations of general relativity, for the limited case of a single spherical non-rotating mass, which he accomplished in 1915, the same year that Einstein first introduced general relativity. The Schwarzschild solution, which makes use of Schwarzschild coordinates and the Schwarzschild metric, leads to a derivation of the Schwarzschild radius, which is the size of the event horizon of a non-rotating black hole.

Schwarzschild accomplished this while serving in the German army during World War I. He died the following year from the autoimmune disease pemphigus, which he developed while at the Russian front.

— Wikipedia article on Schwarzschild

Karl Schwarzschild on Wikipedia

We know black holes exist because of this WWI officer


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Published in 12/04/2019

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