How to Hide an Empire

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This timespace is inspired by the 7th chapter of the book How to Hide an Empire, by Daniel Immerwahr. It tells the life of Puerto Rican nationalist Pedro Albizu Campos in the context of other nationalist movements and U.S. interventions in Latin America.

This timeline has 119 events organized into 5 topics:

  • U.S. Administrations
  • The U.S. in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Wars
  • Life of Pedro Albizu Campos
  • World Events
This timeline has 119 events:
04/03/189714/09/1901McKinley administrationMcKinley administration
14/09/190104/03/1909Roosevelt administrationRoosevelt administration
04/03/191304/03/1921Wilson administrationWilson administration
04/03/190904/03/1913Taft administrationTaft administration
14/06/1916Celebration of the first Flag Day
01/01/1909The "Greater United States" MapsThe "Greater United States" Maps
25/06/19121912 Democratic Party platform
29/08/1916Jones Law
01/01/1905The Clansman, by Thomas Dixon Jr.The Clansman, by Thomas Dixon Jr.
08/02/1915The Birth of a NationThe Birth of a Nation
08/01/1918Fourteen PointsFourteen Points
04/03/192102/08/1923Harding administrationHarding administration
02/08/192304/03/1929Coolidge administrationCoolidge administration
04/03/192904/03/1933Hoover administrationHoover administration
04/03/193312/04/1945FDR administrationFDR administration
12/04/194520/01/1953Truman administrationTruman administration
20/01/195320/01/1961Eisenhower administrationEisenhower administration
29/05/1934Cuban-American Treaty of Relations of 1934Cuban-American Treaty of Relations of 1934
22/05/190329/05/1934Period during which the U.S. had the right to invade Cuba
29/09/190606/02/1909Second Occupation of CubaSecond Occupation of Cuba
01/01/189920/05/1902First Occupation of Cuba
01/08/191706/01/1922Sugar InterventionSugar Intervention
04/08/191201/01/1933Occupation of Nicaragua
05/05/191627/12/1924Occupation of Dominican Republic
21/04/191423/11/1914Occupation of Veracruz
28/07/191501/08/1934Occupation of Haiti
31/03/1917Annexation of U.S. Virgin IslandsAnnexation of U.S. Virgin Islands
01/01/1904First Occupation of Dominican Republic
01/10/190313/11/1903U.S. sends warships to PanamaU.S. sends warships to Panama
01/06/1906U.S. intervention in the Cananea strikeU.S. intervention in the Cananea strike
01/01/1905U.S. troops land in Honduras
20/02/190727/03/1907U.S. intervention in conflict between Honduras and NicaraguaU.S. intervention in conflict between Honduras and Nicaragua
01/01/1908U.S. troops intervene in Panama
01/10/190920/08/1910U.S. intervention in Nicaragua, ruled by José Santos ZelayaU.S. intervention in Nicaragua, ruled by José Santos Zelaya
01/01/1911Hondurean president overthrownHondurean president overthrown
01/01/1912U.S. intervention during the 1912 "Race War" in Cuba
14/03/191607/02/1917Pancho Villa ExpeditionPancho Villa Expedition
01/01/191801/01/1920U.S. intervention in Chiriquí Province, Panama
01/01/1925U.S. intervention in Panamanian rent riotsU.S. intervention in Panamanian rent riots
01/01/1933U.S. assists the deposing of Cuban president Gerardo Machado y MoralesU.S. assists the deposing of Cuban president Gerardo Machado y Morales
12/06/1901Platt AmendmentPlatt Amendment
04/05/190415/08/1914Construction of the Panama CanalConstruction of the Panama Canal
25/04/189801/01/1899Spanish-American WarSpanish-American War
04/02/189902/07/1902Philippine-American WarPhilippine-American War
28/07/191411/11/1918World War IWorld War I
01/09/193902/09/1945World War IIWorld War II
18/01/191924/07/1919Paris Peace ConferenceParis Peace Conference
01/01/1912Scholarship to University of VermontScholarship to University of Vermont
01/01/1913Transferred to HarvardTransferred to Harvard
01/01/1914Elected vice-president of the Cosmopolitan ClubElected vice-president of the Cosmopolitan Club
01/01/1916Elected president of the Cosmopolitan Club
06/03/1954Albizu Called House Attack "Heroism"
09/11/1950Brass Tacks
14/04/1917Communication: Porto Rico and the WarCommunication: Porto Rico and the War
05/05/1917Joins the ArmyJoins the Army
05/03/193611/12/1947First arrestFirst arrest
01/02/1919Attempt to raise money to send him to Paris
01/04/1919Journey to the mainlandJourney to the mainland
01/01/1971A recording of Pedro Albizu Campos is released
01/01/1952Speech at the Municipal Meeting in Lares
01/11/1950 • 05:30:0001/11/1950 • 06:35:00Crossfire at Albizu's home
01/01/1936Our Political Status, by Pedro Albizu Campos
11/05/1930Becomes president of the Puerto Rican Nationalist PartyBecomes president of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party
01/01/1922Married Dr. Laura MenesesMarried Dr. Laura Meneses
01/01/1924Joins the Puerto Rican Nationalist PartyJoins the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party
24/10/1935Río Piedras Massacre
23/02/1936Assassination of Colonel RiggsAssassination of Colonel Riggs
21/03/1937Ponce MassacrePonce Massacre
06/06/194309/11/1945Hospitalization at Columbus Hospital, New York
30/10/195001/03/1954Puerto Rican Nationalist Party RevoltsPuerto Rican Nationalist Party Revolts
02/11/195001/01/1953Second arrest
01/01/1953Pardoned by Luis Muñoz MarínPardoned by Luis Muñoz Marín
01/03/1954Attack on the United States House of RepresentativesAttack on the United States House of Representatives
01/03/195415/11/1964Third arrestThird arrest
01/11/1950Attempt to assassinate president Harry TrumanAttempt to assassinate president Harry Truman
27/03/1956Suffered a stroke
10/06/194801/01/1957Puerto Rican flags were illegalPuerto Rican flags were illegal
01/09/1916Admitted to Harvard Law School
01/09/1919Returns to Harvard Law School
01/08/1921Graduates from Harvard and returns to Puerto Rico
01/01/192701/01/1930Travels around Latin America
01/01/1931Defends the nationalist Luis Velasquez
01/01/1932Runs for the Puerto Rican Senate
08/11/193301/01/1934Sugar cane strikes
08/11/1933Barceloneta's Central Plazuela workers go on strike
06/12/19331,200 workers from Central Coloso join the strike
07/12/19338,000 workers join the Coloso strike
31/12/1933Central Guánica goes on strike
01/01/1934Peak of the strike
11/01/1934Albizu Campos speaks to a crowd of 6,000 people
18/01/1934Albizu Campos has a lunch with Colonel E. Francis Riggs
23/02/1934The sugar strike is settled
07/06/1937Albizu Campos is flown to a prison in Atlanta
03/06/1943Released on probation
11/12/194715/12/1947Returns to Puerto Rico
29/03/1948The Nationalist Party is targeted by the FBIThe Nationalist Party is targeted by the FBI
10/06/1948Public Law 53 or "Gag Law"
22/01/1901Queen Victoria's deathQueen Victoria's death
13/04/1919Amritsar MassacreAmritsar Massacre
01/11/191801/07/1919Egyptian RevolutionEgyptian Revolution
01/03/1919March First MovementMarch First Movement
04/05/1919May Fourth MovementMay Fourth Movement