Hagia Sophia: Construction and Reconstruction

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This timeline has 91 events organized into 5 topics:

  • Architecture
  • Political events
  • Function
  • Writings
  • Nearby buildings
This timeline has 91 events:
01/01/415Church of Theodosius IIChurch of Theodosius II
23/02/53227/12/537Construction of the new Hagia SophiaConstruction of the new Hagia Sophia
11/04/120425/07/1261Occupation by the Latin EmpireOccupation by the Latin Empire
25/07/1261Recapture by the Byzantines
29/10/1923Proclamation of the Turkish RepublicProclamation of the Turkish Republic
11/05/330Constantinople is dedicatedConstantinople is dedicated
01/01/658 BCEFoundation of Byzantium
13/01/532Nika Riots
11/04/120425/07/1261Roman Catholic Church
26/07/126128/05/1453Orthodox Catholic Church
01/02/1935Turned into a museumTurned into a museum
27/12/53711/04/1204Orthodox Catholic Church
01/05/558The dome collapses
01/01/1853The timing room is built
01/01/1740Elementary school
01/06/1740Hagia Sophia FountainHagia Sophia Fountain
01/01/404A fire destroys the roofA fire destroys the roof
01/01/312Constantine the Great captures Rome
01/02/313Edict of MilanEdict of Milan
01/01/32411/05/330Construction of Constantinople
01/01/325Council of Nicaea
01/01/1422Brief siege of Constantinople
01/01/1451Mehmed II rises to the Ottoman throneMehmed II rises to the Ottoman throne
06/04/1453The bombardment beginsThe bombardment begins
29/05/1453 • 01:30:00The final Turkish assault launches
01/01/1898German FountainGerman Fountain
01/01/390Obelisk of TheodosiusObelisk of Theodosius
01/01/330Serpent ColumnSerpent Column
01/01/532Hagia IreneHagia Irene
01/01/160901/01/1616Sultanahmet Mosque
27/12/115027/12/1155Description by Michael of Thessaloniki
01/01/5535th Council of the Church
01/01/86701/01/886Restoration by Basil IRestoration by Basil I
01/01/99001/01/998Rebuilding under rule of Basil IIRebuilding under rule of Basil II
01/01/120401/01/1261Changes during the Latin Empire
15/08/126111/12/1282Reign of Michael VIIIReign of Michael VIII
15/06/134112/08/13761st reign of John V Palaeologus1st reign of John V Palaeologus
01/01/140301/01/1406Visited by Ruy González de Clavijo
01/12/1452Act of Union
29/05/145303/05/1481Redecoration under Mehmed II
01/01/1463Fatih MosqueFatih Mosque
01/01/1550Süleymaniye MosqueSüleymaniye Mosque
10/09/162308/02/1640Reign of Murad IVReign of Murad IV
01/01/1599Tomb of Sultan Murad III
01/01/1577Tomb of Sultan Selim II
01/01/1608Tomb of Sultan Mehmed III
01/05/184713/07/1849Restoration under Sultan AbdulmejidRestoration under Sultan Abdulmejid
01/01/1876Ottoman constitution of 1876Ottoman constitution of 1876
24/07/1908Young Turk RevolutionYoung Turk Revolution
17/12/1908Opening of a new Turkish parliament
27/04/1909Sultan Abdul Hamid II is deposedSultan Abdul Hamid II is deposed
08/10/191230/05/1913First Balkan War
29/06/191310/08/1913Second Balkan War
01/01/191212/12/1913Hospital for victims of cholera
28/07/191411/11/1918First World War
13/11/191804/10/1923The Allies occupy IstanbulThe Allies occupy Istanbul
24/07/1923Treaty of Lausanne is signed