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U.S. intervention in the Cananea strike


"Although this northwest corner of Sonora had had small-scale mining operations since the 18th century, it wasn’t until 1896 that the U.S. entrepreneur William Greene made the Cananea copper mine into one of the largest in Mexico. Greene also owned land, cattle, lumber, and railroad interests, which dominated the economy of that area thanks to favors from both state and national governments. By 1906, the mine boasted 5,400 Mexican workers, many of whom were sympathetic to the opposition Mexican Liberal Party. Employees from the United States, alarmed by the labor action, incited widespread violence and brought in Mexican troops and “volunteers” from neighboring Arizona to quell the disturbance. The use of U.S. troops launched an inquiry into foreign control of natural resources and strike leaders Manuel Diéguez and Esteban Baca Calderón went on to become important revolutionary leaders."

— Strike at the Cananea Copper Mine (June 1906), Library of Congress

Strike at the Cananea Copper Mine (June 1906). Library of Congress.

Cananea, Mexico: Col. W.C. Greene addressing a crowd of Mexicans, who shortly afterward fired the lu...

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Striking workers in Cananea confront American possemen protecting the company store.

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Strike in Cananea, Sonora.

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Published in 27/06/2019

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