The Musician (Live)

Captain Marvel - Live Source: Spotify
Light As A Feather - Live Source: Spotify
I Hear A Rhapsody - Live Source: Spotify
Spirit Rides - Live Source: Spotify
Special Beings - Live Source: Spotify
I've Got The World On A String - Live Source: Spotify
Spain - Live Source: Spotify
Overture - Live Source: Spotify
Your Eyes Speak To Me - Live Source: Spotify
If I Were A Bell - Live Source: Spotify
Nefertiti - Live Source: Spotify
Zyryab - Live Source: Spotify
Mi Nina Lola - Live Source: Spotify
CC's Birthday Blues - Live Source: Spotify
Caravan - Live Source: Spotify
Hot House - Live Source: Spotify
Dolphin Dance - Live Source: Spotify
Cantaloupe Island - Live Source: Spotify
Ritual - Live Source: Spotify
Silver Temple - Live Source: Spotify


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Published in 16/03/2020

Updated in 19/02/2021

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