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This timeline has 516 events:
05/02/2020Sea BreezeSea Breeze
04/10/2019Trilogy 2 (Live)Trilogy 2 (Live)
05/12/2018Trilogy 2 (Live)Trilogy 2 (Live)
19/01/2018Chinese ButterflyChinese Butterfly
22/11/2017Chinese ButterflyChinese Butterfly
26/05/2017Chick Corea-In Concert-Chick Corea-In Concert-
09/12/2016The Musician (Live)The Musician (Live)
15/08/2016Sea BreeezeSea Breeeze
22/04/2016From Nothing: Solo PianoFrom Nothing: Solo Piano
20/04/2016Chick & Makoto –Duets-Chick & Makoto –Duets-
01/01/2016The Musician (Live)The Musician (Live)
16/03/2020 • 20:16:00Live in Cannes '78Live in Cannes '78
01/01/2015Two (Live)Two (Live)
01/01/2014Solo Piano: PortraitsSolo Piano: Portraits
01/01/2013The VigilThe Vigil
01/01/2013The VigilThe Vigil
01/01/2013The VigilThe Vigil
05/06/2012Come Rain or ShineCome Rain or Shine
14/02/2012Further ExplorationsFurther Explorations
01/01/2012Hot HouseHot House
01/01/2012Hot HouseHot House
01/01/2012On Two PianosOn Two Pianos
16/03/2020 • 20:12:00Further ExplorationsFurther Explorations
07/11/2011Chick Corea Jazz fusionChick Corea Jazz fusion
26/03/2010Piano SoloPiano Solo
31/01/2020Chick Corea: Duet SuiteChick Corea: Duet Suite
01/01/2008The New Crystal SilenceThe New Crystal Silence
26/05/2007Chick CoreaChick Corea
01/01/2007The EnchantmentThe Enchantment
01/01/2007The EnchantmentThe Enchantment
16/03/2020 • 20:03:00I Ain´t Mad At YouI Ain´t Mad At You
16/03/2020 • 20:07:00The MysteryThe Mystery
04/04/2006Live in MoldeLive in Molde
01/01/2006The Ultimate AdventureThe Ultimate Adventure
01/01/2006The Ultimate AdventureThe Ultimate Adventure
01/01/2003Chick Corea : FiestaChick Corea : Fiesta
01/01/2003Rendezvous In New YorkRendezvous In New York
16/03/2020 • 20:03:00Sherman's Jazz Selection: Chick CoreaSherman's Jazz Selection: Chick Corea
29/04/2002Selected RecordingsSelected Recordings
01/01/2000Solo Piano: OriginalsSolo Piano: Originals
01/01/2000Solo Piano: StandardsSolo Piano: Standards
01/01/1998Light As A FeatherLight As A Feather
01/01/1998Live At The Blue NoteLive At The Blue Note
01/10/1996The Mozart SessionsThe Mozart Sessions
16/03/1996 • 22:50:00The BeginningThe Beginning
16/03/1994 • 22:50:00Verve Jazz Masters 3Verve Jazz Masters 3
16/03/1990 • 22:50:00Early DaysEarly Days
26/04/1988Inner SpaceInner Space
01/04/1984Children's SongsChildren's Songs
16/03/1984 • 22:50:00Trio Music, Live In EuropeTrio Music, Live In Europe
04/10/1982Trio MusicTrio Music
01/07/1981Three QuartetsThree Quartets
16/03/1980 • 22:50:00Tap StepTap Step
01/11/1978An Evening With...An Evening With...
01/01/1978Secret AgentSecret Agent
16/03/1978 • 22:50:00The Mad HatterThe Mad Hatter
01/01/1976My Spanish HeartMy Spanish Heart
01/01/1976My Spanish HeartMy Spanish Heart
01/01/1976The LeprechaunThe Leprechaun
16/04/1973Crystal SilenceCrystal Silence
01/01/1973Light As A FeatherLight As A Feather
01/01/1973Piano GiantsPiano Giants
01/07/1972Return To ForeverReturn To Forever
20/04/1968Tone's For Joan's BonesTone's For Joan's Bones
01/01/1966Inner SpaceInner Space
06/03/2020Quartet QuintetQuartet Quintet
31/01/2020Jazz KlassiekersJazz Klassiekers
24/01/2020Jaren 60 JazzJaren 60 Jazz
15/11/2019'90s Jazz'90s Jazz
08/11/2019'70s Jazz Fusion'70s Jazz Fusion
01/11/2019Jazz CroonersJazz Crooners
25/10/2019Essential Jazz ImprovisersEssential Jazz Improvisers
30/08/2019Jazz FluteJazz Flute
12/07/2019Smooth Summer JazzSmooth Summer Jazz
28/06/2019Yacht JazzYacht Jazz
21/06/2019Klasycy jazzuKlasycy jazzu
03/05/2019Avant-Garde JazzAvant-Garde Jazz
03/05/2019Jazz For Yoga & MeditationJazz For Yoga & Meditation
03/05/2019World Jazz ClassicsWorld Jazz Classics
26/04/201970s Jazz Hits70s Jazz Hits
26/04/2019Best Jazz BassBest Jazz Bass
26/04/2019Electric JazzElectric Jazz
26/04/2019Free Jazz ClassicsFree Jazz Classics
26/04/2019Jazz Drums MasterclassJazz Drums Masterclass
26/04/2019Jazz Guitar JamsJazz Guitar Jams
26/04/2019Jazz RockJazz Rock
19/04/2019Feel Good JazzFeel Good Jazz
19/04/2019Smooth MorningsSmooth Mornings
19/04/2019The Jazz 100The Jazz 100
19/04/2019Top 200 JazzTop 200 Jazz
12/04/2019Discover Jazz CollectionDiscover Jazz Collection
05/04/2019Jazz FusionJazz Fusion
15/03/2019Atlantic Jazz HitsAtlantic Jazz Hits
15/03/2019Atlantic Piano JazzAtlantic Piano Jazz
15/03/2019Bebop's BestBebop's Best
15/03/2019Round Midnight Jazz ClubRound Midnight Jazz Club
11/03/2019Miles Davis SongbookMiles Davis Songbook
01/03/2019Improviso no JazzImproviso no Jazz
22/02/2019Jazztastic GuitarJazztastic Guitar
22/02/2019Traditional JazzTraditional Jazz
01/02/2019Jazz CósmicoJazz Cósmico
25/01/2019The Herbie Hancock SongbookThe Herbie Hancock Songbook
18/01/2019Samba Jazz PicksSamba Jazz Picks
14/12/2018Jazz IconsJazz Icons
07/12/2018Ultimate Jazz PianoUltimate Jazz Piano
16/11/2018All Time JazzAll Time Jazz
09/11/2018Roots (A Journey Through Time)Roots (A Journey Through Time)
12/10/2018Feelgood JazzFeelgood Jazz
05/10/2018The Kings & Queens of CoolThe Kings & Queens of Cool
31/08/201850 Years MPS50 Years MPS
31/08/2018L.A. Noir: JazzL.A. Noir: Jazz
11/07/2018Greatest JazzGreatest Jazz
25/06/2018Jazz of the 1960sJazz of the 1960s
30/04/2018Post-Bop Jazz EssencialPost-Bop Jazz Essencial
03/04/2018Jazz de Café da ManhãJazz de Café da Manhã
26/03/2018Jazz Music USAJazz Music USA
16/02/2018Jazz Legends: InstrumentalistsJazz Legends: Instrumentalists
09/02/2018In the Mood With…In the Mood With…
26/01/2018Baroqueswing, Vol. 3Baroqueswing, Vol. 3
08/03/2017100th Anniversary Of Jazz100th Anniversary Of Jazz
08/03/2017Duo CantandoDuo Cantando
25/11/2016Jazz - ClazzJazz - Clazz
18/11/2016The Kouple Live In ConcertThe Kouple Live In Concert
08/11/201620th Century Jazz20th Century Jazz
08/11/2016Acoustic JazzAcoustic Jazz
08/11/2016Bebop Jazz All-StarsBebop Jazz All-Stars
08/11/2016Pizzazz JazzPizzazz Jazz
14/10/2016Melody's Mostly Musical DayMelody's Mostly Musical Day
10/08/2016Jazz BassistsJazz Bassists
27/05/2016American StoriesAmerican Stories
13/05/2016Blue and SentimentalBlue and Sentimental
13/05/2016Samba JazzSamba Jazz
29/04/2016Jazz Piano MastersJazz Piano Masters
22/04/20165 Star Piano Jazz5 Star Piano Jazz
22/04/2016Five Star Afro-Cuban JazzFive Star Afro-Cuban Jazz
31/03/2016The Art of Jazz PercussionThe Art of Jazz Percussion
16/03/2016Mingle MusicMingle Music
14/03/2016Feel Good JazzFeel Good Jazz
07/03/2016Guitar JazzGuitar Jazz
10/02/201670's Jazz70's Jazz
28/01/2016Jazz Piano RomanceJazz Piano Romance
28/01/2016Play - Creative JazzPlay - Creative Jazz
21/12/2015Jazz Piano 101Jazz Piano 101
21/12/2015Jazz for StudyingJazz for Studying
21/12/2015Jazzin' the BluesJazzin' the Blues
21/12/2015Play - Jazz GuitarPlay - Jazz Guitar
17/12/201550 Creative Jazz Classics50 Creative Jazz Classics
17/12/201550 Orchestral Jazz Classics50 Orchestral Jazz Classics
17/12/2015Play - JazzPlay - Jazz
17/12/2015Richard Rodgers - SongbookRichard Rodgers - Songbook
25/11/2015Can't Buy Me JazzCan't Buy Me Jazz
24/11/2015Jazz & ConversationJazz & Conversation
04/11/2015Jazz Ballads 101Jazz Ballads 101
04/11/2015The Songs of Duke EllingtonThe Songs of Duke Ellington
15/10/2015Born in the 80'sBorn in the 80's
06/10/201550 Jazz Guitar Classics50 Jazz Guitar Classics
06/10/2015Play - Piano JazzPlay - Piano Jazz
21/09/2015All American JazzAll American Jazz
14/09/2015100 Latin Jazz Classics100 Latin Jazz Classics
14/09/2015Ain't Nothin' But JazzAin't Nothin' But Jazz
14/09/2015Autumn Piano JazzAutumn Piano Jazz
14/09/2015Jazz for a New DayJazz for a New Day
14/09/2015Top of the JazzTop of the Jazz
21/08/2015Autumn JazzAutumn Jazz
21/08/2015Peaceful Piano JazzPeaceful Piano Jazz
19/08/2015200 Jazz200 Jazz
14/08/2015New York Jazz LoungeNew York Jazz Lounge
05/08/2015Jazz Guitar 101Jazz Guitar 101
05/08/2015Jazz Piano ClassicsJazz Piano Classics
24/06/2015The Most Essential PianoThe Most Essential Piano
04/06/201550 Latin Jazz Classics50 Latin Jazz Classics
29/05/2015Amazing Jazz SongsAmazing Jazz Songs
29/05/2015Latin Jazz 101Latin Jazz 101
04/05/2015The 70's Greatest JazzThe 70's Greatest Jazz
04/05/2015The Most Essential BassThe Most Essential Bass
27/04/2015Jazz PianoJazz Piano
27/04/2015Jazz Playlist - BassJazz Playlist - Bass
02/04/2015Jazz: Hits and BeyondJazz: Hits and Beyond
02/04/2015Jazz: The ClassicsJazz: The Classics
23/03/2015Jazz PianoJazz Piano
07/03/2015Deep Dark JazzDeep Dark Jazz
07/03/2015Jazz Piano VibesJazz Piano Vibes
07/03/2015Legendary Jazz FusionLegendary Jazz Fusion
07/03/2015Legendary Jazz GuitaristsLegendary Jazz Guitarists
07/03/2015Legendary Jazz PianistsLegendary Jazz Pianists
07/03/2015West Coast JazzWest Coast Jazz
03/03/2015The Most Relaxing Jazz PianoThe Most Relaxing Jazz Piano
25/02/2015Most Wanted Latin JazzMost Wanted Latin Jazz
30/01/2015Jazz BassJazz Bass
30/01/2015Jazz GuitarJazz Guitar
30/01/2015Legendary Jazz GuitaristLegendary Jazz Guitarist
14/01/2015I Love Jazz - Sweet CollectionI Love Jazz - Sweet Collection
16/03/2020 • 20:15:00Oscar, With Love: The Songs of Oscar PetersonOscar, With Love: The Songs of Oscar Peterson
19/12/2014Essential Post-50's JazzEssential Post-50's Jazz
17/12/2014Jazz Now 2015Jazz Now 2015
09/12/2014The Most Essential Jazz PianoThe Most Essential Jazz Piano
28/11/2014Mirror, MirrorMirror, Mirror
25/11/2014Bad Ass JazzBad Ass Jazz
21/11/2014Classical Jazz EssentialsClassical Jazz Essentials
21/11/2014Discover: Latin JazzDiscover: Latin Jazz
05/11/2014The Greatest Jazz PianistsThe Greatest Jazz Pianists
04/11/2014Kiev ChicagoKiev Chicago
25/10/2014Bebop PianoBebop Piano
25/10/2014Chillout Jazz PianoChillout Jazz Piano
25/10/2014Jazz: Good VibesJazz: Good Vibes
25/10/2014The History of JazzThe History of Jazz
25/10/2014Top 20 Jazz FluteTop 20 Jazz Flute
17/10/2014The Greatest Modal JazzThe Greatest Modal Jazz
17/10/2014The Most Essential Jazz FluteThe Most Essential Jazz Flute
10/10/2014Jazz Cats - PianoJazz Cats - Piano
01/10/2014Jazz Fusion HighlightsJazz Fusion Highlights
20/09/2014Soft Jazz PianoSoft Jazz Piano
01/09/2014Essential Jazz: AutumnEssential Jazz: Autumn
30/08/2014Discover Jazz PianoDiscover Jazz Piano
28/08/2014The Greatest Jazz SongwritersThe Greatest Jazz Songwriters
05/08/2014Jazz Masters: 1970'sJazz Masters: 1970's
25/06/2014Jazz Wo Kikitakute PianoJazz Wo Kikitakute Piano
18/06/2014Blue Note - Vocal CollectionBlue Note - Vocal Collection
03/06/2014Jazz Rock Roots & MoreJazz Rock Roots & More
03/06/2014Pop Jazz GuitarPop Jazz Guitar
20/05/2014Twisted Blues Vol 2Twisted Blues Vol 2
16/05/2014Essential Jazz InstrumentalsEssential Jazz Instrumentals
14/05/2014Precious MomentPrecious Moment
12/05/2014Jazz Masters: Biggest HitsJazz Masters: Biggest Hits
18/04/2014Jazz With BluesJazz With Blues
18/04/2014Mixtape; Spicy Latin JazzMixtape; Spicy Latin Jazz
16/04/2014Jazz Masters: DrummersJazz Masters: Drummers
25/03/2014Atlantic Jazz LegendsAtlantic Jazz Legends
18/03/2014Greatest Men of JazzGreatest Men of Jazz
18/03/2014Jazz Fusion EssentialsJazz Fusion Essentials
18/03/2014West Coast Jazz: Golden HornsWest Coast Jazz: Golden Horns
12/03/2014Jazz Best 50Jazz Best 50
21/02/2014Jazz and the PhilharmonicJazz and the Philharmonic
11/02/2014Enter the DynastyEnter the Dynasty
01/02/2014Salsa NuevaSalsa Nueva
28/01/2014The Miles Davis SidemenThe Miles Davis Sidemen
01/01/2014The Best Of Blue Note 2The Best Of Blue Note 2
10/12/2013Chill Out Jazz: PianoChill Out Jazz: Piano
10/12/2013Essential Jazz PianoEssential Jazz Piano
26/11/2013Smokin' JazzSmokin' Jazz
26/11/2013Superstars of Jazz 1960-1970Superstars of Jazz 1960-1970
19/11/2013Avant Garde JazzAvant Garde Jazz
19/11/2013Latin JazzLatin Jazz
19/11/2013Soft Jazz PianoSoft Jazz Piano
12/11/2013Modern JazzModern Jazz
05/11/2013Best Of JazzBest Of Jazz
05/11/2013Best Of Jazz GuitarBest Of Jazz Guitar
05/11/2013Best Of Jazz PianoBest Of Jazz Piano
05/11/2013The History of JazzThe History of Jazz
05/11/2013The Most Essential Bossa NovaThe Most Essential Bossa Nova
29/10/2013American Jazz PianoAmerican Jazz Piano
29/10/2013Essential Jazz HitsEssential Jazz Hits
29/10/2013Happy New Year - JazzHappy New Year - Jazz
29/10/2013Jazz For Yoga and MeditationJazz For Yoga and Meditation
29/10/2013Post-Bop JazzPost-Bop Jazz
29/10/2013Thanksgiving Day - JazzThanksgiving Day - Jazz
22/10/2013A Tribute To Thelonious MonkA Tribute To Thelonious Monk
22/10/2013Jazz 'n' SambaJazz 'n' Samba
22/10/2013Jazz Piano Chill OutJazz Piano Chill Out
08/10/2013Jazz For Cool DaysJazz For Cool Days
24/09/2013Best of Jazz FusionBest of Jazz Fusion
24/09/2013Greatest Jazz Piano StandardsGreatest Jazz Piano Standards
17/09/2013Best of Latin JazzBest of Latin Jazz
17/09/2013Top 60’s JazzTop 60’s Jazz
10/09/2013Jazz Piano GiantsJazz Piano Giants
10/09/2013Top Jazz DrummersTop Jazz Drummers
03/09/2013Great Jazz GuitaristsGreat Jazz Guitarists
03/09/2013Jazz Bossa NovaJazz Bossa Nova
03/09/2013The Chick Corea SongbookThe Chick Corea Songbook
03/09/2013Top Piano JazzTop Piano Jazz
24/06/2013Platinum Vol. 3Platinum Vol. 3
03/02/2013Toru Takemitsu - Chick CoreaToru Takemitsu - Chick Corea
01/01/2013Jazz Rock - Verve 50Jazz Rock - Verve 50
16/03/2020 • 20:13:00Flute Meets PianoFlute Meets Piano
18/09/2012Introducing Letizia GambiIntroducing Letizia Gambi
01/03/2012Bassoon KaleidoscopeBassoon Kaleidoscope
03/01/2012Fascination DanceFascination Dance
01/01/2012I Wanna Go BackI Wanna Go Back
01/01/2012Rhythm SessionsRhythm Sessions
01/01/2012Rhythm SessionsRhythm Sessions
01/01/2012This ChristmasThis Christmas
01/01/2012Umbria Jazz 2012Umbria Jazz 2012
16/03/2020 • 20:12:00Time (Solopiano)Time (Solopiano)
01/12/2011Play It AgainPlay It Again
09/11/2011Cafe Blue NoteCafe Blue Note
04/10/2011Unleash the Beast!!!Unleash the Beast!!!
30/09/2011The Mozart SessionsThe Mozart Sessions
27/09/2011Miles EspañolMiles Español
25/02/2011Three StoriesThree Stories
01/02/2011Dances, Songs, InventionsDances, Songs, Inventions
01/01/2011Live & Let Live~Love for JapanLive & Let Live~Love for Japan
01/01/2010The Verve Grooves Vol. 1The Verve Grooves Vol. 1
01/01/2010Umbria Jazz 2010Umbria Jazz 2010
01/01/2010Morning Of The CarnivalMorning Of The Carnival
16/03/2020 • 20:10:00The Art of the Percussion: Emmanuel CurtThe Art of the Percussion: Emmanuel Curt
24/11/2009Devota & LombaDevota & Lomba
27/10/2009Shape Of My HeartShape Of My Heart
16/06/2009Essential Blue NoteEssential Blue Note
28/05/2009The Elephant and the FlyThe Elephant and the Fly
21/04/2009Cool Man CoolCool Man Cool
01/01/2009Five Peace Band LiveFive Peace Band Live
01/01/2009Five Peace Band LiveFive Peace Band Live
16/03/2020 • 20:09:00Codex
08/12/2008Recipe for RhythmRecipe for Rhythm
18/11/2008Gates to EverywhereGates to Everywhere
16/06/2008Pure JazzPure Jazz
15/04/2008Miles From IndiaMiles From India
15/04/2008Miles From IndiaMiles From India
09/04/2008For AgnèsFor Agnès
01/01/200812 Best of Jazz12 Best of Jazz
01/01/200816 Best of Jazz16 Best of Jazz
01/01/20088 Best of Jazz8 Best of Jazz
01/01/2008Blue Note Plays Bossa NovaBlue Note Plays Bossa Nova
01/01/2008Jazz Rock (Jazz Club)Jazz Rock (Jazz Club)
01/01/2008The AnthologyThe Anthology
11/12/2007Piano SingularPiano Singular
17/11/2007Lily's EyesLily's Eyes
03/09/2007Beauty & The BeatboxBeauty & The Beatbox
14/06/2007Amber SkiesAmber Skies
01/01/2007Great Jazz PianoGreat Jazz Piano
16/03/2020 • 20:07:00Whirled Chamber MusicWhirled Chamber Music
16/03/2020 • 20:06:00LátigoLátigo
10/05/2005Atlantic Jazz: IntrospectionAtlantic Jazz: Introspection
18/01/2005Echoes Of An EraEchoes Of An Era
01/01/2005Boss Horn (Remastered)Boss Horn (Remastered)
02/06/2003Crossing The StoneCrossing The Stone
19/05/2003Crossing the StoneCrossing the Stone
01/01/2003Latin Jam!Latin Jam!
01/01/2003Morning Of The CarnivalMorning Of The Carnival
24/09/2002The Definitive Stan GetzThe Definitive Stan Getz
01/07/2002'Round Midnight'Round Midnight
29/04/2002Selected Recordings I - VIIISelected Recordings I - VIII
12/03/2002The Very Best Of Stan GetzThe Very Best Of Stan Getz
16/03/2020 • 20:02:00From Childhood To EternityFrom Childhood To Eternity
01/01/2001Jazz Cafe Presents Chick CoreaJazz Cafe Presents Chick Corea
01/01/2001Jazz Moods: Cha Cha PartyJazz Moods: Cha Cha Party
01/01/2001Latin SpiritsLatin Spirits
13/06/2000Stan Getz's Finest HourStan Getz's Finest Hour
13/05/1999Amazing King's GuardAmazing King's Guard
25/08/1998Ultimate Stan GetzUltimate Stan Getz
01/01/1998Like MindsLike Minds
16/03/1998 • 22:50:00Striking a BalanceStriking a Balance
01/01/1997Remembering Bud PowellRemembering Bud Powell
01/01/1997The CollectionThe Collection
09/10/1996Mozart SessionsMozart Sessions
05/08/1996Spirit of SpainSpirit of Spain
01/04/1996In A Jazz MoodIn A Jazz Mood
16/03/1996 • 22:50:00Jazz Central Station Global Poll Winners, Vol. 1Jazz Central Station Global Poll Winners, Vol. 1
16/03/1996 • 22:50:00SkyrocketSkyrocket
25/09/1995Present TensePresent Tense
18/04/1995Present TensePresent Tense
01/03/1995First & ForemostFirst & Foremost
01/01/1995Jazz To The WorldJazz To The World
01/01/1995Little Girl BlueLittle Girl Blue
16/03/1995 • 22:50:00Little Girl BlueLittle Girl Blue
01/01/1994Live In MontreuxLive In Montreux
16/03/1994 • 22:50:00Batik Plays BatikBatik Plays Batik
01/01/1991Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy
01/01/1990Master PlanMaster Plan
17/10/1989We Meet AgainWe Meet Again
01/12/1984Gulda Plays Gulda & Corea
16/03/1983 • 22:50:00The Griffith Park Collection 2 In ConcertThe Griffith Park Collection 2 In Concert
16/03/1982 • 22:50:00The Griffith Park CollectionThe Griffith Park Collection
29/01/1979Skate Board ParkSkate Board Park
16/03/1978 • 22:50:00LiveLive
16/03/1978 • 22:50:00Return To forever Live The Complete ConcertReturn To forever Live The Complete Concert
16/03/1976 • 22:50:00Downbeat Jazz Awards 1976 (Live: Chicago 1976)Downbeat Jazz Awards 1976 (Live: Chicago 1976)
01/01/1975No MysteryNo Mystery
01/09/1974Where Have I Known You BeforeWhere Have I Known You Before
16/03/1973 • 22:50:00The Herbie Hancock BoxThe Herbie Hancock Box
15/11/1971Afternoon Of A Georgia FaunAfternoon Of A Georgia Faun
15/11/1971Afternoon Of A Georgia FaunAfternoon Of A Georgia Faun
01/07/1967Sweet RainSweet Rain