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Inauguration of the Eurotunnel


Tunnel entrance of the French side, near the town of Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais

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The Eurotunnel, also called the Channel Tunnel or Chunnel, is a tunnel that runs under the English Channel, linking the town of Folkestone in England and the town of Coquelles, in France. Check out some quick data about the tunnel:

Construction: began in 1988
Inauguration: May 6, 1994
Length: 50.45 km, of which 37.9km run under the sea
Depth: 115m under the sea level at its deepest

Learn how the Tunnel was built:
Channel Tunnel
The Channel Tunnel Documentary
This Is How They Built The Eurotunnel | Super Structures | Spark
The Guardian reported the first train to cross the Chunnel:

Meanwhile Rolls steals show from cramped Eurostar. The Guardian.

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Academic articles

Managing British Public Opinion of the Channel Tunnel.

This video follows a trip through the tunnel:
Step by Step Drive Through Guide to the EuroTunnel Check-in and Boarding Process at Folkstone



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Published in 26/01/2020

Updated in 19/02/2021

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