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Alliance Party of Northern Ireland


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The Alliance Vision

Alliance was founded in 1970 with the objective of healing the bitter divisions in our community. We believe in a shared society, free from intimidation, discrimination and fear, where everyone is safe, can play their part and is treated fairly and with respect. We believe in a society for everyone.

Alliance for a shared future We believe a shared future will enable us to build a stronger Northern Ireland, making it a more attractive place to invest and leading to an increase in job and other employment opportunities. This will also allow us to save resources by investing in services for everyone and ensure better public services for all.

Alliance for shared education and services We want to see more shared and integrated schools, with more money spent directly on pupils rather than maintenance. It is much easier to protect the future of local schools when resources are shared. Young people growing up together will help Northern Ireland move forward as we seek to build a shared society.

Alliance for a shared community We want to see a society where mixed housing is the norm and public buildings and spaces are open to everyone. We want to see the removal of interfaces with the support of all communities and find an inclusive way to display flags on public buildings, with added regulation of all flags on lampposts.

Alliance for a shared culture We want to see a vibrant, lively society where everyone is free to celebrate their identity whilst respecting the rights of others. We want to celebrate Northern Ireland's cultural diversity and find agreement on a process for regulating parades.

Alliance for a shared approach to the past We want to see agreement on a shared, inclusive process to deal with our past, which includes input from all Parties and the British and Irish Government. We also believe consideration should be given to a new agency to deal with legacy cases. Our team, including Party Leader Naomi Long and Deputy Leader Stephen Farry, leading our team of 53 Councillors and hundreds of volunteer activists, are working across Northern Ireland to build a better society for everyone.

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Demand Better - Alliance General Election broadcast 2019 (subtitles)



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