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Introduction to the UKIP Manifesto

UKIP is the party of Brexit and beyond.

We have fought to leave the European Union for 27 years, and we continue to insist that the UK has a clean-break exit from the European Union.

The treaty agreed between Boris and the EU will keep us shackled to Brussels. If Parliament ratifies it, we will wake up on 1st February having left the EU Commission and Parliament but still locked inside the Single Market, Customs Union, European Court of Justice, Common Agricultural Policy, Common Fisheries Policy, European Defence Agency, Common Security and Defence Policy, Common Foreign and Security Policy and all of its other institutions and systems, while becoming liable to pay the EU a £39,000,000,000 bill.

That is not leaving the EU. We must take back full and immediate control of our sovereignty, laws, money, borders, trade and fishing waters on 31st January 2020 – no more delays!

UKIP also has a domestic agenda, which is of vital importance to the future. We are proud to have developed a full common-sense manifesto which combines our founding libertarian principles with populism and authentic conservatism. In particular, we stand for free speech, free markets, financial responsibility and traditional British values.

UKIP is the only party that will cut net immigration to below 10,000 net per annum and protect the countryside from rampant ‘development’. We will work to uphold freedom of expression and end the suffocating culture of political correctness, while supporting a vibrant low-tax economy where businesses can thrive and take advantage of the great opportunities our nation will have after we leave the EU.

In this election, we will give the public a choice to vote for a party that will restore common sense politics to the UK while working to ensure that we leave the EU without being shackled by a Brexit-In-Name-Only treaty.

Our politicians must honour the wishes of the 17.4 million people who voted to LEAVE!

This Manifesto tells the truth about what UKIP stands for.

My thanks to all who helped to formulate this policy document.

Particular thanks and appreciation to David Kurten (London Assembly Member) and Freddy Vachha

(UKIP London Regional Chairman and National Campaign Manager) for their hugely valid input.

Patricia Mountain

UKIP Interim Leader

Read the full manifesto:

UKIP Manifesto

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