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Parthenon: Construction and Reconstruction

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This timeline has 34 events organized into 4 topics:

  • Architecture
  • Nearby buildings
  • Political Events
  • Function
This timeline has 34 events:
01/01/448 BCE01/01/433 BCEConstructionConstruction
01/01/481 BCEPersian attackPersian attack
01/01/1458The Turks captured Athens
26/09/1687Venetian attackVenetian attack
01/01/168301/01/1699Great Turkish War
01/01/422 BCE01/01/407 BCEConstruction of the ErechtheionConstruction of the Erechtheion
01/01/428 BCE01/01/421 BCEConstruction of the Temple of Athena NikeConstruction of the Temple of Athena Nike
07/04/529Code of JustinianCode of Justinian
07/04/52901/01/1458Christian Church
01/01/433 BCE07/04/529Temple for Athena
01/01/16001/01/174Construction of the Odeon of Herodes AtticusConstruction of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus
01/01/160 BCE01/01/139 BCEConstruction of the Stoa of AttalosConstruction of the Stoa of Attalos
01/01/461 BCE01/01/416 BCEConstruction of the Temple of HephaestusConstruction of the Temple of Hephaestus
01/01/180101/01/1805Looting by Lord ElginLooting by Lord Elgin
01/01/1975Current restoration efforts begin
01/01/184101/01/1844Restoration during rulership of King OthonRestoration during rulership of King Othon
30/12/186501/01/1874Construction of the first Acropolis Museum
01/01/189801/01/1902First Restoration Program of the ParthenonFirst Restoration Program of the Parthenon
01/01/193401/01/1935Second Restoration Program of the ParthenonSecond Restoration Program of the Parthenon
01/01/2007The New Acropolis Museum is completedThe New Acropolis Museum is completed
01/01/1888Little Museum
25/03/1821First revolts against Ottoman rule
01/01/1822Greece declares independence
01/04/1826Missolonghi captured by the Turks
01/08/1826Athens is captured
01/06/1827The Acropolis is capturedThe Acropolis is captured
01/07/1832Greek independence is recognized
25/03/182101/07/1832Greek War of Independence