Life and Art of Leonardo da Vinci

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This timeline has 57 events organized into 6 topics:

  • Personal life
  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Codex
  • Lost Works
  • World Events
This timeline has 57 events:
15/04/14521476 (Circa)Early Years in FlorenceEarly Years in Florence
1466Verrocchio's workshopVerrocchio's workshop
1478First ComissionsFirst Comissions
09/15131516Late Years
1473 (Circa)Ginevra de' BenciGinevra de' Benci
1480 (Circa)Adoration of the MagiAdoration of the Magi
1482 (Circa)Virgin of the RocksVirgin of the Rocks
14891490Lady with an ErmineLady with an Ermine
1489 (Circa)La belle ferronnièreLa belle ferronnière
1490 (Circa)Madonna LittaMadonna Litta
14951496The Last SupperThe Last Supper
1500Salvator MundiSalvator Mundi
15031506Mona LisaMona Lisa
1490Vitruvian ManVitruvian Man
1490Assistants and pupilsAssistants and pupils
1509Scientific studiesScientific studies
15101511Anatomy and physiologyAnatomy and physiology
31/12/1567 • 22:53:00Fame and reputationFame and reputation
01/10/1974The Unesco Courier
15/11/2017Art MarketArt Market
1477 (Circa)Codex AtlanticusCodex Atlanticus
1479 (Circa)Codex ArundelCodex Arundel
1486 (Circa)Codex TrivulzianusCodex Trivulzianus
14871505Codex ForsterCodex Forster
1489 (Circa)Codex MadridCodex Madrid
1509 (Circa)Codex LeicesterCodex Leicester
1542 (Circa)Codex UrbinasCodex Urbinas
10/01/1478San Bernardo Altarpiece
15031510Leda and the SwanLeda and the Swan
15101513Angel of the AnnunciationAngel of the Annunciation
25/04/1336 • 23:53:00Petrarch´s ascent of Mont VentouxPetrarch´s ascent of Mont Ventoux
06/07/1433 • 23:53:00End of the last Treasure Voyage of the Ming DynastyEnd of the last Treasure Voyage of the Ming Dynasty
28/05/1453 • 23:53:00Fall of ConstantinopleFall of Constantinople
05/03/1475 • 23:53:00Born MichelangeloBorn Michelangelo
02/08/1492 • 23:53:00Christopher Columbus Discovers AmericaChristopher Columbus Discovers America
21/04/1500 • 23:53:00Cabral Discovers BrazilCabral Discovers Brazil
30/10/1517 • 22:53:00Reformation Martin LutherReformation Martin Luther
1554Luso-Chinese agreementLuso-Chinese agreement
14/02/1564 • 22:53:00Born Galileo GalileiBorn Galileo Galilei
14821499First Milanese periodFirst Milanese period
01/15001508 (Circa)Second Florentine PeriodSecond Florentine Period
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