The Studio Albums 1975 - 2001

09/02/2021 • 20:14:00
Name: The Studio Albums 1975 - 2001
Release date: Feb 9, 2021
Tracks: 141
Label: Rhino/Warner Records
Copyrights: © 2014 Warner Strategic Marketing, a Warner Music Group Company, for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the U.S. All Rights Reserved.

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28/09/2018Blood Red RosesBlood Red Roses
30/11/2016Live in LondonLive in London
23/10/2015Another CountryAnother Country
23/10/2015Another CountryAnother Country
23/10/2015Another Country (Deluxe)Another Country (Deluxe)
23/10/2015Another Country (Deluxe)Another Country (Deluxe)
09/02/2021 • 20:14:00The Studio Albums 1975 - 2001The Studio Albums 1975 - 2001
01/01/2013Time (Deluxe)Time (Deluxe)
01/01/2013Time (Deluxe)Time (Deluxe)
01/01/2013Time (Deluxe)Time (Deluxe)
01/01/2012Merry Christmas, BabyMerry Christmas, Baby
09/02/2021 • 20:01:00HumanHuman
09/02/2021 • 20:01:00Human (Expanded Edition)Human (Expanded Edition)
09/02/1998 • 00:40:45When We Were the New BoysWhen We Were the New Boys
26/05/1995A Spanner in the WorksA Spanner in the Works
09/02/1995 • 00:40:45A Spanner in the Works (Expanded Edition)A Spanner in the Works (Expanded Edition)
01/05/1993Unplugged....And SeatedUnplugged....And Seated
09/02/1991 • 00:40:46Vagabond HeartVagabond Heart
09/02/1991 • 00:40:46Vagabond Heart (Expanded Edition)Vagabond Heart (Expanded Edition)
09/02/1988 • 00:40:46Out of OrderOut of Order
09/02/1988 • 00:40:46Out of Order (Expanded Edition)Out of Order (Expanded Edition)
09/02/1986 • 00:40:46Every Beat of My HeartEvery Beat of My Heart
09/02/1984 • 00:40:46CamouflageCamouflage
09/02/1984 • 00:40:46Camouflage (Expanded Edition)Camouflage (Expanded Edition)
09/02/1983 • 00:40:46Body WishesBody Wishes
09/02/1983 • 00:40:46Body Wishes (Expanded Edition)Body Wishes (Expanded Edition)
09/02/1982 • 00:40:46Absolutely LiveAbsolutely Live
09/02/1982 • 00:40:46Absolutely Live (Expanded Edition)Absolutely Live (Expanded Edition)
11/11/1981Tonight I'm YoursTonight I'm Yours
09/02/1981 • 00:40:46Tonight I'm YoursTonight I'm Yours
09/02/1981 • 00:40:46Tonight I'm Yours (Expanded Edition)Tonight I'm Yours (Expanded Edition)
09/02/1980 • 00:40:46Foolish BehaviourFoolish Behaviour
09/02/1980 • 00:40:46Foolish Behaviour (Expanded Edition)Foolish Behaviour (Expanded Edition)
24/11/1978Blondes Have More FunBlondes Have More Fun
09/02/1977 • 00:40:46Foot Loose & Fancy FreeFoot Loose & Fancy Free
09/02/1976 • 00:40:46A Night on the TownA Night on the Town
09/02/1976 • 00:40:46A Night on the Town (Deluxe Edition)A Night on the Town (Deluxe Edition)
09/02/1975 • 00:40:46Atlantic CrossingAtlantic Crossing
09/02/1975 • 00:40:46Atlantic Crossing (Deluxe Edition)Atlantic Crossing (Deluxe Edition)
09/02/1972 • 00:40:46Never A Dull MomentNever A Dull Moment
01/01/1970Gasoline AlleyGasoline Alley
01/01/1969The Rod Stewart AlbumThe Rod Stewart Album