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Wreckage of the USS Maine


Spanish-American War, 1898

By early 1898, tensions between the United States and Spain had been mounting for months. After the U.S. battleship Maine exploded and sank in Havana harbor under mysterious circumstances on February 15, 1898, U.S. military intervention in Cuba became likely.

— Office of the Historian

Spanish-American War, 1898. Office of the Historian.

Wreck of the battleship "Maine"
Floor deck plan of the "Maine", circa 1890.

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USS Maine (1895-1898) in dry dock at the New York Navy Yard, while fitting out in the early 1890s.

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Crew of the USS Maine.

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The USS Maine passing under Brooklyn Bridge. Published by Detroit Publishing Company, 1895-98.

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The Maine entering Havana harbor, January 1898.

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USS Maine, 1898.

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