Bangladesh: a new constitution is adopted granting women right to vote

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The fight for women’s rights in Bangladesh

Besides guaranteeing women the same voting rights as men, the constitution of Bangladesh, which was adopted in 1972, also expressly dictates provisions in favour of women which are apt to be viewed as historical in the context of women empowerment in the Bangladesh of the 70’s. Amongst such rules are those providing for equal opportunities for women in “all spheres of national life” and reserving seats exclusively for women members in the parliament. In a world which was, and remains, male-dominated, for a new country like Bangladesh to ensure such rights for women so early on was a reflection of hope for the future of women rights and empowerment. Bangladesh did not disappoint.

The Asia Dialogue

The fight for women’s rights in Bangladesh. The Asia Dialogue.

Sheikh Hasina Wazed has been the Prime Minister of Bangladesh since January 6th, 2009.

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Women's Rights in Bangladesh



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