Gilbertos Samba

Name: Gilbertos Samba
Release date: Apr 1, 2014
Tracks: 12
Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Copyrights: (P) 2013 Geléia Geral sob licença exclusiva de Sony Music Entertainment Brasil ltda.

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Published in 21/05/2020

Updated in 19/02/2021

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26/05/1973Ao Vivo na USPAo Vivo na USP
01/04/1973Umeboshi (Ao Vivo)Umeboshi (Ao Vivo)
11/03/1972Back In Bahia (Ao Vivo)Back In Bahia (Ao Vivo)
01/01/1972 • 10:00:00Barra 69Barra 69
01/01/1972Expresso 2222Expresso 2222
01/01/1971Gilberto Gil (1971)Gilberto Gil (1971)
01/01/1970Copacabana Mon AmourCopacabana Mon Amour
01/01/1969Gilberto Gil (1969)Gilberto Gil (1969)
01/01/1968Gilberto Gil (1968)Gilberto Gil (1968)
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