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Strawinsky: Feuervogel/Pulcinella


The Firebird: 1. Introduction Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 2. Kashchei's enchanted garden Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 3. Appearance of the Firebird pursued by Ivan Tsarevich Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 4. Dance of the Firebird Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 5. Ivan Tsarevich captures the Firebird Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 6. Supplication of the Firebird Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 7. Game of the Princesses with the golden apples Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 8. Sudden appearance of Ivan Tsarevich Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 9. Round Dance of the Princesses Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 10. Daybreak Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 11. Magic carillon, appearance of Kashchei's guardian monsters and capture of Ivan Tsarevich Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 12. Dance of Kashchei's retinue under the spell of the Firebird Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 13. Infernal dance of all Kashchei's subjects Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 14. Lullaby of the Firebird Source: Spotify
The Firebird: 15. Collapse of Kashchei's palace and dissolution of all enchantments - Reanimation of the petrified prisoners - General Rejoicing Source: Spotify
Pulcinella (Concert Suite): 1. Sinfonia Source: Spotify
Pulcinella (Concert Suite): 2. Serenata Source: Spotify
Pulcinella (Concert Suite): 3. Scherzino Source: Spotify
Pulcinella (Concert Suite): 4. Tarantella Source: Spotify
Pulcinella (Concert Suite): 5. Toccata Source: Spotify
Pulcinella (Concert Suite): 6. Gavotta con due variazioni Source: Spotify
Pulcinella (Concert Suite): 7. Vivo Source: Spotify
Pulcinella (Concert Suite): 8a. Minuetto Source: Spotify
Pulcinella (Concert Suite): 8b. Finale Source: Spotify



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Published in 16/03/2020

Updated in 19/02/2021

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