Pavarotti & Friends for Cambodia and Tibet

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Cielito lindo Source: Spotify
Around the World Source: Spotify
There must be an angel playing with my heart Source: Spotify
I knew I loved you Source: Spotify
Guarda che luna - In cerca di te Source: Spotify
Brother, can you spare a dime Source: Spotify
Tracy's flaw Source: Spotify
Baby, can I hold you tonight Source: Spotify
'O sole mio Source: Spotify
You'll follow me down Source: Spotify
A Wonderful World (Live at Parco Novi Sad) Source: Spotify
Bizet: Agnus Dei Source: Spotify
Desde que o samba e samba Source: Spotify
Funiculì, funiculà Source: Spotify
Telling Stories Source: Spotify
Se è vero che ci sei Source: Spotify
I saved the World today Source: Spotify
Manha do Carnaval [Black Orpheus] Source: Spotify
Be with you Source: Spotify
All you need is love Source: Spotify



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Invalid DateComposedComposed
Invalid DateComposedComposed
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