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David Bowie

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This timeline has 307 events:
15/11/2019Conversation PieceConversation Piece
14/11/2019Space Oddity (2019 Mix)Space Oddity (2019 Mix)
20/03/2020Fun (Dillinja Mix)Fun (Dillinja Mix)
30/11/2018Glastonbury 2000 (Live)Glastonbury 2000 (Live)
14/02/2020Is It Any Wonder?Is It Any Wonder?
29/09/2017Stage (2017) [Live]Stage (2017) [Live]
12/07/2019Space Oddity (2019 Mix)Space Oddity (2019 Mix)
08/03/2013The Next DayThe Next Day
28/06/2019Clareville Grove DemosClareville Grove Demos
26/01/2010A Reality TourA Reality Tour
06/07/2009VH1 Storytellers (Live)VH1 Storytellers (Live)
19/07/2018Zeroes (2018, Radio Edit)Zeroes (2018, Radio Edit)
07/01/2018Let's Dance (Demo)Let's Dance (Demo)
15/05/202060-talets hits60-talets hits
22/09/2017"Heroes" (Klax Remix)"Heroes" (Klax Remix)
27/03/2020Rock VintageRock Vintage
02/06/2017Rebel Rebel (Live)Rebel Rebel (Live)
08/01/2017No Plan - EPNo Plan - EP
28/02/2020Disorder: All Time AlternativeDisorder: All Time Alternative
07/10/2016Life On Mars? (2016 Mix)Life On Mars? (2016 Mix)
01/02/2020Magic from the PianoMagic from the Piano
24/01/2020Pub SongsPub Songs
29/11/2019Just A GigoloJust A Gigolo
27/07/2016Rock 'n' Roll with MeRock 'n' Roll with Me
22/11/2019Bing At ChristmasBing At Christmas
12/07/2019Chilled SummerChilled Summer
01/01/1995London BoyLondon Boy
25/04/1994Live in Santa Monica '72Live in Santa Monica '72
08/11/1993Buddha of SuburbiaBuddha of Suburbia
29/03/2019Rock ClássicoRock Clássico
04/11/2013The Next Day Extra EPThe Next Day Extra EP
05/04/1993Black Tie White NoiseBlack Tie White Noise
11/01/2019Classical Pop CoversClassical Pop Covers
25/10/2013PinUps Radio ShowPinUps Radio Show
09/11/201880s Symphonic80s Symphonic
04/10/2013Sound and Vision 2013Sound and Vision 2013
21/05/1988 • 17:45:00Peter & The WolfPeter & The Wolf
21/05/1988 • 17:45:00David Bowie Narrates Peter And The WolfDavid Bowie Narrates Peter And The Wolf
21/05/2020 • 20:09:00D.J. (Remixes)D.J. (Remixes)
21/05/1988 • 17:45:00David Bowie Narrates Peter And The WolfDavid Bowie Narrates Peter And The Wolf
29/12/2006Bowie 1965!Bowie 1965!
19/10/201880s Forever80s Forever
18/10/2018Alt Eller IngentingAlt Eller Ingenting
12/10/2018Piano OdysseyPiano Odyssey
29/09/1984Tonight (2018 Remaster)Tonight (2018 Remaster)
16/09/2002Everybody Says 'Hi'Everybody Says 'Hi'
21/05/1979 • 17:45:00Lodger (2017 Remastered Version)Lodger (2017 Remastered Version)
06/05/2002Loving The AlienLoving The Alien
08/09/2017Songs of ExperienceSongs of Experience
01/01/2002Shout (Original Mix)Shout (Original Mix)
21/05/1977 • 17:45:00"Heroes" (2017 Remastered Version)"Heroes" (2017 Remastered Version)
05/05/2017Peaceful PianoPeaceful Piano
21/05/1977 • 17:45:00Low (2017 Remastered Version)Low (2017 Remastered Version)
24/04/2017Without You I'm NothingWithout You I'm Nothing
21/05/1997 • 17:45:00Pallas AthenaPallas Athena
21/05/1976 • 17:45:00Live Nassau Coliseum '76Live Nassau Coliseum '76
21/05/1993 • 17:45:00Black Tie White NoiseBlack Tie White Noise
09/12/2016Tous En Scene (Deluxe)Tous En Scene (Deluxe)
21/05/1993 • 17:45:00Jump They SayJump They Say
21/05/1993 • 17:45:00Miracle GoodnightMiracle Goodnight
21/05/1993 • 17:45:00Nite FlightsNite Flights
21/05/1992 • 17:45:00Real Cool WorldReal Cool World
21/05/1991 • 17:45:00Sound And Vision Remix E.P.Sound And Vision Remix E.P.
21/05/1990 • 17:45:00Fame '90Fame '90
18/11/2016Short Days, Long NightsShort Days, Long Nights
21/05/1987 • 17:45:00Day-In Day-OutDay-In Day-Out
07/10/2016A Place For Us To DreamA Place For Us To Dream
21/05/1987 • 17:45:00Never Let Me Down E.P.Never Let Me Down E.P.
07/10/2016A Place for Us to DreamA Place for Us to Dream
14/11/1969Space Oddity (2019 Mix)Space Oddity (2019 Mix)
21/05/1987 • 17:45:00Time Will Crawl E.P.Time Will Crawl E.P.
01/06/1967David BowieDavid Bowie
13/05/2016The Duets AlbumThe Duets Album
21/05/1986 • 17:45:00Absolute Beginners E.P.Absolute Beginners E.P.
21/05/1986 • 17:45:00Magic Dance E.P.Magic Dance E.P.
01/01/2016Sjöbo Ungdomsorkester 2016Sjöbo Ungdomsorkester 2016
21/05/1986 • 17:45:00Underground E.P.Underground E.P.
21/05/1986 • 17:45:00When The Wind Blows digital E.P.When The Wind Blows digital E.P.
16/10/2015Oh No Love, You're Not AloneOh No Love, You're Not Alone
21/05/1985 • 17:45:00Loving The Alien E.P.Loving The Alien E.P.
26/06/2015Classic Rock Long VersionsClassic Rock Long Versions
21/05/1984 • 17:45:00Blue JeanBlue Jean
25/06/2015Play The Song of QueenPlay The Song of Queen
21/05/1984 • 17:45:00Blue Jean E.P.Blue Jean E.P.
21/05/1984 • 17:45:00Tonight E.P.Tonight E.P.
04/05/2015Original Hits: 1966Original Hits: 1966
21/05/1983 • 17:45:00China GirlChina Girl
04/05/2015Original Hits: 1966Original Hits: 1966
21/05/1983 • 17:45:00Let's DanceLet's Dance
16/12/2014Mood Box: PopMood Box: Pop
21/05/1983 • 17:45:00Let's Dance (Club Bolly Radio Mix)Let's Dance (Club Bolly Radio Mix)
21/05/1982 • 17:45:00In Bertolt Brecht's BaalIn Bertolt Brecht's Baal
01/01/2014Jackie - The Party AlbumJackie - The Party Album
21/05/1977 • 17:45:00'Heroes' / 'Helden' / 'Héros''Heroes' / 'Helden' / 'Héros'
25/11/2013Amor à Vida - InternacionalAmor à Vida - Internacional
16/06/1972Suffragette City (Live)Suffragette City (Live)
21/05/1972 • 17:45:00Original John Peel Session: 23rd May 1972Original John Peel Session: 23rd May 1972
01/01/2013Fade To Grey 1980 - 1984Fade To Grey 1980 - 1984
11/07/1969Space OdditySpace Oddity
07/09/2012Pure... RockPure... Rock
27/04/2012Classical Twist: The AlbumClassical Twist: The Album
01/01/2012Now!...Anglo AnthemsNow!...Anglo Anthems
23/12/2011100 Rock Hits100 Rock Hits
01/01/2011Now! That's What I Call 80'sNow! That's What I Call 80's
01/01/2011Musical GetawayMusical Getaway
01/01/2011Massive Rock TunesMassive Rock Tunes
10/12/2010Pure... Guitar HeroesPure... Guitar Heroes
01/03/2010Alle 40 Goed: Nummer 1 HitsAlle 40 Goed: Nummer 1 Hits
16/02/2010The No Balance EPThe No Balance EP
01/01/2010Blockbuster Movie HitsBlockbuster Movie Hits
01/01/2010100 Essential Hits - 70s100 Essential Hits - 70s
01/01/2010Anni '80 - The Hits (Vol. 1)Anni '80 - The Hits (Vol. 1)
01/01/2010Alle 40 Goed - 80'sAlle 40 Goed - 80's
01/01/2010NOW 1980'sNOW 1980's
01/01/2010Alle 40 Goed - Number One HitsAlle 40 Goed - Number One Hits
01/01/201020 Original Mod Classics20 Original Mod Classics
16/11/2009Absolute GreatestAbsolute Greatest
27/02/2009The Platinum CollectionThe Platinum Collection
01/01/2009Pirate RadioPirate Radio
01/01/2009Halloween's Gravest HitsHalloween's Gravest Hits
01/01/2009Cool - LegendsCool - Legends
01/01/2009Bandslam Original SoundtrackBandslam Original Soundtrack
01/01/2009Diverse / Let It RockDiverse / Let It Rock
08/08/2008This Is... 1980This Is... 1980
08/08/2008This Is... 1983This Is... 1983
08/08/2008This Is... 1981This Is... 1981
28/04/2008Playlist: RockPlaylist: Rock
01/01/2008Classic RockClassic Rock
01/01/200870's Hits70's Hits
01/01/2008Songs Without WordsSongs Without Words
01/01/2008Feel GoodFeel Good
03/12/200780's - The Platinum Collection80's - The Platinum Collection
26/12/2006Arnold LayneArnold Layne
12/06/2006Paint It BlackPaint It Black
28/05/2006World Cup - WinnersWorld Cup - Winners
01/01/2006Duets Vol.2Duets Vol.2
21/05/2020 • 20:06:00Masters of Chant: Chapter VMasters of Chant: Chapter V
21/05/2020 • 20:06:00The CynicThe Cynic
01/01/2005No Balance PalaceNo Balance Palace
21/05/2020 • 20:05:00No Balance PalaceNo Balance Palace
01/11/2004All The BestAll The Best
25/10/2004Rewind (2CD/DVD in Digi)Rewind (2CD/DVD in Digi)
06/09/2004Rock Line, Vol. 2Rock Line, Vol. 2
27/01/2004Land Of Plenty O/S/TLand Of Plenty O/S/T
01/01/2004Queen JewelsQueen Jewels
21/05/2020 • 20:04:00Stealth-Music from the Motion PictureStealth-Music from the Motion Picture
20/10/2003Just For One DayJust For One Day
13/10/2003Knuffelrock 15Knuffelrock 15
21/05/2020 • 20:03:00The Raven (Expanded Edition)The Raven (Expanded Edition)
21/05/2020 • 20:03:00The RavenThe Raven
21/05/2020 • 20:03:00Buried AgainBuried Again
10/06/2002Just a Little More LoveJust a Little More Love
01/01/2002Moulin Rouge I & IIMoulin Rouge I & II
03/09/2001Moulin RougeMoulin Rouge
05/06/2001¡Viva Nueva!¡Viva Nueva!
05/06/2001¡Viva Nueva!¡Viva Nueva!
01/01/2001Moulin RougeMoulin Rouge
01/01/2000VH1 StorytellersVH1 Storytellers
09/11/1999Greatest Hits IIIGreatest Hits III
16/08/1999Without You I'm NothingWithout You I'm Nothing
01/01/1999Detroit Rock CityDetroit Rock City
21/05/1999 • 17:45:00Let's DanceLet's Dance
01/01/1998Red Hot + RhapsodyRed Hot + Rhapsody
10/05/1994Prokofiev Peter And The WolfProkofiev Peter And The Wolf
09/05/1994Prokofiev Peter And The WolfProkofiev Peter And The Wolf
28/10/1991Greatest Hits IIGreatest Hits II
28/10/1991Greatest Hits II (Remastered)Greatest Hits II (Remastered)
16/03/1988Tina Live in EuropeTina Live in Europe
03/05/1982Hot SpaceHot Space
03/05/1982Hot SpaceHot Space
03/05/1982Hot Space (2011 Remaster)Hot Space (2011 Remaster)
01/01/1982Cat PeopleCat People
01/01/1977Classic RockClassic Rock