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This timeline has 200 events:
13/03/2020Slow Movement: SandSlow Movement: Sand
02/11/2018One More YardOne More Yard
30/04/2018Unnoticed PlanetUnnoticed Planet
20/04/2018Kazakhstan (Edit)Kazakhstan (Edit)
30/11/2017March AwayMarch Away
27/09/2017Motion in FieldMotion in Field
01/01/2017Reflection (Excerpt)Reflection (Excerpt)
01/01/2017Reflection (Excerpt)Reflection (Excerpt)
20/03/2020Mixing ColoursMixing Colours
31/03/2016The ShipThe Ship
04/05/2018Music For InstallationsMusic For Installations
30/03/2016The ShipThe Ship
08/12/2017Finding ShoreFinding Shore
29/04/2016The ShipThe Ship
27/04/2016The ShipThe Ship
12/11/2012LUX (An Excerpt)LUX (An Excerpt)
18/04/2015My Squelchy LifeMy Squelchy Life
07/11/2011Panic of LookingPanic of Looking
30/06/2014High LifeHigh Life
02/11/2011Panic of LookingPanic of Looking
05/05/2014Someday WorldSomeday World
25/01/2007Ascent (An Ending)Ascent (An Ending)
04/07/2011Drums Between The BellsDrums Between The Bells
04/06/2011Drums Between The BellsDrums Between The Bells
23/10/2006Beyond Even (1992-2006)Beyond Even (1992-2006)
05/04/2005The Equatorial StarsThe Equatorial Stars
21/03/2005More Music For FilmsMore Music For Films
01/01/2005Music For FilmsMusic For Films
29/03/1997 • 15:47:00The DropThe Drop
29/03/1997 • 15:47:00The Drop (Expanded Edition)The Drop (Expanded Edition)
29/03/1995 • 15:47:00SpinnerSpinner
29/03/1995 • 15:47:00SpinnerSpinner
01/01/1994Wah WahWah Wah
29/03/1993 • 15:47:00Neroli (Thinking Music Part IV)Neroli (Thinking Music Part IV)
29/03/1992 • 15:47:00The Shutov AssemblyThe Shutov Assembly
29/03/1992 • 15:47:00The Shutov AssemblyThe Shutov Assembly
29/03/1992 • 15:47:00Nerve NetNerve Net
29/03/1992 • 15:47:00The Shutov Assembly (Expanded Edition)The Shutov Assembly (Expanded Edition)
29/03/1990 • 15:47:00Wrong Way UpWrong Way Up
29/03/1990 • 15:47:00Wrong Way UpWrong Way Up
01/01/1986Desert Island SelectionDesert Island Selection
01/10/1985Thursday AfternoonThursday Afternoon
29/03/1984 • 15:47:00The PearlThe Pearl
01/11/1983More Music For FilmsMore Music For Films
01/03/1982Ambient 4: On LandAmbient 4: On Land
29/03/1981 • 15:47:00My Life in the Bush of GhostsMy Life in the Bush of Ghosts
29/03/1980 • 15:47:00Ambient, Vol. 2: The Plateaux Of MirrorAmbient, Vol. 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror
29/03/1978 • 15:47:00Ambient 1/Music For AirportsAmbient 1/Music For Airports
01/11/1977Before And After ScienceBefore And After Science
01/11/1975Discreet MusicDiscreet Music
01/09/1975Another Green WorldAnother Green World
29/03/1975 • 15:47:00Evening StarEvening Star
29/03/1973 • 15:47:00Here Come The Warm JetsHere Come The Warm Jets
29/03/1973 • 15:47:00No PussyfootingNo Pussyfooting
27/03/2020Classical LullabyClassical Lullaby
27/03/2020Meditação e YogaMeditação e Yoga
27/03/2020Sleep for BabiesSleep for Babies
27/03/2020Sleepy TimeSleepy Time
20/03/2020Calm Your MindCalm Your Mind
20/03/2020Calming MusicCalming Music
20/03/2020Classical for WorkClassical for Work
20/03/2020Just PianoJust Piano
20/03/2020Piano MusicPiano Music
20/03/2020Stay CalmStay Calm
20/03/2020Working from Home ClassicalWorking from Home Classical
13/03/2020World Sleep DayWorld Sleep Day
13/03/2020Yoga MusicYoga Music
06/03/2020Calm ClassicsCalm Classics
06/03/2020Piano FocusPiano Focus
06/03/2020Yoga Music ClassicalYoga Music Classical
28/02/2020Focus with PianoFocus with Piano
28/02/2020Relaxing ClassicalRelaxing Classical
28/02/2020Relaxing PianoRelaxing Piano
01/02/2020Magic from the PianoMagic from the Piano
06/12/2019Heavy RainHeavy Rain
22/11/2019Heavy RainHeavy Rain
22/11/2019Lay Down My GunLay Down My Gun
01/11/2019Your Wilderness RevisitedYour Wilderness Revisited
17/10/2019Here Come The Warm DreadsHere Come The Warm Dreads
17/10/2019Here Come The Warm DreadsHere Come The Warm Dreads
13/09/2019Gaming SoundtrackGaming Soundtrack
04/09/2019Design GuideDesign Guide
16/08/2019Alternative Focus ChilloutAlternative Focus Chillout
07/06/2019Pavarotti - The Greatest HitsPavarotti - The Greatest Hits
10/05/2019Ambient ElectronicAmbient Electronic
12/04/2019Come On Down MixCome On Down Mix
20/10/2017Music For MindfulnessMusic For Mindfulness
20/10/2017Music For MindfulnessMusic For Mindfulness
01/09/2017Beauty In SimplicityBeauty In Simplicity
30/06/2017Café del Mar Vol. 23Café del Mar Vol. 23
01/03/2017L L GoatL L Goat
30/09/2016Love Without ViolinsLove Without Violins
10/06/2016I Giorni - Classical Chill OutI Giorni - Classical Chill Out
27/05/2016Daylight (Deluxe Version)Daylight (Deluxe Version)
20/05/2016Contemporary PianoContemporary Piano
04/09/2015Imagori (Mueller & Roedelius)Imagori (Mueller & Roedelius)
10/07/2015Classically ChilledClassically Chilled
10/07/2015Classics RelaxClassics Relax
17/04/2015Musikain (Deluxe Edition)Musikain (Deluxe Edition)
03/03/2015Td Sound 2Td Sound 2
23/11/2014Shore EPShore EP
02/06/2014Greater LengthsGreater Lengths
02/06/2014Greater LengthsGreater Lengths
27/05/2014Encyclopedia of ArtoEncyclopedia of Arto
08/01/2014Argento vivo, Vol. 2Argento vivo, Vol. 2
24/09/2013And I'll Scratch YoursAnd I'll Scratch Yours
24/09/2013And I'll Scratch YoursAnd I'll Scratch Yours
22/07/2013Symphonic ColdplaySymphonic Coldplay
06/02/2013Synthesizer Greatest 3Synthesizer Greatest 3
01/01/2013Pavarotti Les 50 TriomphesPavarotti Les 50 Triomphes
29/03/2020 • 20:13:00Minimalist Dream HouseMinimalist Dream House
12/01/2010Electrónica The AlbumElectrónica The Album
24/11/2009Devota & LombaDevota & Lomba
06/10/2008Pavarotti - The DuetsPavarotti - The Duets
19/11/2007The Pavarotti Story (4 CDs)The Pavarotti Story (4 CDs)
01/01/2007The Unrest CureThe Unrest Cure
03/10/2006Plague SongsPlague Songs
02/10/2006Plague SongsPlague Songs
01/01/2006Protection - The RemixesProtection - The Remixes
29/03/2020 • 20:06:00Masters of Chant: Chapter VMasters of Chant: Chapter V
29/03/1999 • 15:47:00SpiritSpirit
01/01/1998Singles CollectionSingles Collection
29/03/1993 • 15:47:00Plus from UsPlus from Us
01/01/1988Music For Films IIIMusic For Films III
01/01/1988Music For Films IIIMusic For Films III