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This timeline has 203 events:
04/10/2005Christmas FantasyChristmas Fantasy
23/08/1994Rhythm Of LoveRhythm Of Love
08/11/1991The SongstressThe Songstress
27/03/2020Best Of The 80sBest Of The 80s
13/03/2020Get Ur Freak On: R&B AnthemsGet Ur Freak On: R&B Anthems
13/03/2020Turntable HitsTurntable Hits
28/02/2020R&B ThrowbackR&B Throwback
21/02/2020100 Greatest R&B Love100 Greatest R&B Love
14/02/2020100 Greatest Throwback Songs100 Greatest Throwback Songs
14/02/202080s Love80s Love
27/12/2019Playlist: 80s PopPlaylist: 80s Pop
15/11/2019100 Greatest Party Starters100 Greatest Party Starters
01/11/2019Best 80s SongsBest 80s Songs
30/08/201980 Hits of the 80s80 Hits of the 80s
30/08/201980s: The Collection80s: The Collection
30/08/2019Top 100 80sTop 100 80s
16/08/201980s Classics: The Collection80s Classics: The Collection
16/08/2019Mo G - This is My Soul, Vol. 1Mo G - This is My Soul, Vol. 1
09/08/2019Old School SummerOld School Summer
02/08/2019Summer ThrowbackSummer Throwback
12/07/2019Urban ThrowbackUrban Throwback
19/04/201980s Songs80s Songs
19/04/201980s Songs80s Songs
12/04/2019Party All NightParty All Night
12/04/2019Summer BBQSummer BBQ
01/03/2019Love SongsLove Songs
22/02/2019Kiss MeKiss Me
23/01/2019David Foster Works 2David Foster Works 2
12/10/2018The Greatest Eighties AlbumThe Greatest Eighties Album
27/04/201880 Smash Hits of the 80s80 Smash Hits of the 80s
22/01/201880s Soul Hits80s Soul Hits
22/01/201890s Soul Classics 1990-199490s Soul Classics 1990-1994
16/01/201890s Love Songs90s Love Songs
16/01/201890s Love Songs90s Love Songs
16/01/2018Mellow JazzMellow Jazz
22/12/2017Blue MondayBlue Monday
21/12/2017Soul BalladsSoul Ballads
20/12/201790's Pop Essentials90's Pop Essentials
20/12/2017Winter SongsWinter Songs
15/12/2017The Greatest Love SongsThe Greatest Love Songs
04/12/2017Dinner - Love SongsDinner - Love Songs
04/12/2017Oldies - 80's BalladsOldies - 80's Ballads
04/12/2017Slow JamzSlow Jamz
04/12/2017Soulful SundaySoulful Sunday
24/11/201790s Pop Nuggets90s Pop Nuggets
20/11/2017Soul Love ClassicsSoul Love Classics
10/11/2017100 Greatest 80s100 Greatest 80s
10/11/2017100 Greatest 90s100 Greatest 90s
06/11/201780s Love Songs80s Love Songs
06/11/2017Beautiful CoversBeautiful Covers
06/11/2017Golden Gems - 80sGolden Gems - 80s
30/10/201780s Pop Nuggets80s Pop Nuggets
27/10/2017New SeasonNew Season
23/10/2017Jazz ChillJazz Chill
20/10/2017Sweet SoulSweet Soul
09/10/2017Mellow Jazz HitsMellow Jazz Hits
29/09/201790's Oldies - Ballads90's Oldies - Ballads
20/09/2017Soul SistersSoul Sisters
18/09/201780's R&B Love Songs80's R&B Love Songs
18/09/2017Disco DivasDisco Divas
18/09/2017Jazzy SoulJazzy Soul
18/09/2017Mellow SoulMellow Soul
18/09/2017R'n'B GroovesR'n'B Grooves
18/09/2017Sweet Soul SerenadesSweet Soul Serenades
01/09/201790s Pop Classics90s Pop Classics
16/08/2017Blue Soul SongsBlue Soul Songs
16/08/2017Smooth JazzSmooth Jazz
16/08/2017The Greatest Morning SoulThe Greatest Morning Soul
11/08/2017Essential Love SoulEssential Love Soul
11/08/2017Essential Soul SerenadesEssential Soul Serenades
11/08/2017Female Singer SongwritersFemale Singer Songwriters
11/08/2017Soul for TwoSoul for Two
10/08/2017100 Soul100 Soul
10/08/201780s Pop Hits80s Pop Hits
10/08/2017I Want to Know What Love IsI Want to Know What Love Is
10/08/2017Soul ClassicsSoul Classics
10/07/2017Evening Jazz ClassicsEvening Jazz Classics
28/06/201780s Jazz Essentials80s Jazz Essentials
26/06/2017Baladas en ingles de los 80Baladas en ingles de los 80
26/06/2017Lentos de los 80 inglesLentos de los 80 ingles
26/06/2017Women Singing JazzWomen Singing Jazz
23/06/201780's The Collection80's The Collection
20/06/2017Smooth JazzSmooth Jazz
20/06/2017Smooth SoulSmooth Soul
20/06/2017The Softer Side of SoulThe Softer Side of Soul
13/06/201780's Slow Jams80's Slow Jams
13/06/2017Hot Tub Smooth SoundsHot Tub Smooth Sounds
13/06/2017Soul GospelSoul Gospel
12/06/2017Lentos 80Lentos 80
12/06/2017Summer Hits of the '80sSummer Hits of the '80s
06/06/2017Summer Hits of the '80sSummer Hits of the '80s
01/06/2017Light Jazz ClassicsLight Jazz Classics
01/06/2017Smooth Jazz & Soft SoulSmooth Jazz & Soft Soul
01/06/2017Soul Meets JazzSoul Meets Jazz
23/05/2017Live SoulLive Soul
15/05/2017Bacharach SongbookBacharach Songbook
15/05/2017Silky SoulSilky Soul
08/05/201780s Jazz80s Jazz
29/04/2017Easy Jazz ClassicsEasy Jazz Classics
17/04/2017SoulJazz - Get Ready!SoulJazz - Get Ready!
13/04/2017A Twist of BacharachA Twist of Bacharach
11/04/2017Top PopTop Pop
07/04/2017Jazz Ballads ClassicsJazz Ballads Classics
07/04/2017Jazz Ballads HitsJazz Ballads Hits
07/04/2017Play - BalladsPlay - Ballads
07/04/2017Romantic JazzRomantic Jazz
03/04/2017Jazz Ballads HitsJazz Ballads Hits
31/03/2017The Softer Side of SoulThe Softer Side of Soul
30/03/201780s Jazz Hits80s Jazz Hits
25/03/2017Winter JazzWinter Jazz
24/03/2017Hit BalladsHit Ballads
17/03/201780's Pop Beyond the Hits80's Pop Beyond the Hits
17/03/2017American 80'sAmerican 80's
17/03/2017Love SongsLove Songs
10/03/201780's Essential Hits80's Essential Hits
10/03/201780's Hits80's Hits
10/03/2017Hygge - Love SongsHygge - Love Songs
10/03/2017Wedding MusicWedding Music
09/03/201780's Pop Beyond the Hits80's Pop Beyond the Hits
09/03/2017Love SongsLove Songs
02/03/2017Vocal JazzVocal Jazz
24/02/201740 Love Songs40 Love Songs
18/02/2017Guilty PleasuresGuilty Pleasures
18/02/2017Guilty PleasuresGuilty Pleasures
17/02/2017Hit BalladsHit Ballads
17/02/2017Top PopTop Pop
17/02/2017Yacht RockYacht Rock
16/02/2017American 80'sAmerican 80's
16/02/2017Everybody Loves Burt BacharachEverybody Loves Burt Bacharach
16/02/2017Romantic 80'sRomantic 80's
16/02/2017Romantic 80'sRomantic 80's
16/02/2017Yacht RockYacht Rock
11/02/201780's Hits80's Hits
05/01/2017Soul BoxSoul Box
05/01/2017Soul BoxSoul Box
05/01/2017Soul QueensSoul Queens
21/12/2016Yacht RockYacht Rock
20/12/2016The Softer Side of SoulThe Softer Side of Soul
17/12/2016Women of SoulWomen of Soul
15/12/2016Yacht RockYacht Rock
02/12/2016Guilty PleasuresGuilty Pleasures
30/11/201680's Slow Grooves80's Slow Grooves
30/11/2016Winter JazzWinter Jazz
14/10/2016R&B: The CollectionR&B: The Collection
30/01/2015R&B LoveR&B Love
30/01/2015R&B LoveR&B Love
10/11/2013Stay FocusedStay Focused
02/08/2013Songbird 2Songbird 2
02/08/2013Songbird 2Songbird 2
28/02/2012Jazzin' DivasJazzin' Divas
08/05/2009Summer Lovin'Summer Lovin'
23/01/2009Makin WhoopeeMakin Whoopee
27/03/2020 • 20:09:00Day Light Savingz Time - EPDay Light Savingz Time - EP
30/01/2007At The MoviesAt The Movies
01/01/2007At The MoviesAt The Movies
19/12/2006Songs You Know - SoulSongs You Know - Soul
03/07/1998Funky Jazz Party 2 Love SongsFunky Jazz Party 2 Love Songs
27/03/1998 • 20:28:00Cyrus ChestnutCyrus Chestnut
01/01/1995Jazz To The WorldJazz To The World