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This timeline has 494 events:
26/04/2019Hurts 2B HumanHurts 2B Human
26/04/2019Hurts 2B HumanHurts 2B Human
25/04/2019Hurts 2B HumanHurts 2B Human
13/10/2017Beautiful TraumaBeautiful Trauma
13/10/2017Beautiful TraumaBeautiful Trauma
18/09/2012The Truth About LoveThe Truth About Love
18/09/2012The Truth About LoveThe Truth About Love
04/04/2006I'm Not DeadI'm Not Dead
04/04/2006I'm Not DeadI'm Not Dead
10/11/2003Try ThisTry This
10/11/2003Try ThisTry This
19/03/2020 • 20:01:00M!ssundaztood (Expanded Edition)M!ssundaztood (Expanded Edition)
20/02/2019Walk Me HomeWalk Me Home
24/10/2018A Million DreamsA Million Dreams
03/08/2018Secrets (The Remixes)Secrets (The Remixes)
05/10/2017Whatever You WantWhatever You Want
05/10/2017Whatever You WantWhatever You Want
28/09/2017Beautiful TraumaBeautiful Trauma
28/09/2017Beautiful TraumaBeautiful Trauma
10/08/2017What About UsWhat About Us
09/07/2012Blow Me (One Last Kiss)Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
02/12/2011Bridge of LightBridge of Light
02/12/2011Bridge of LightBridge of Light
05/10/2010Raise Your GlassRaise Your Glass
08/05/2009Bad InfluenceBad Influence
16/03/2009So WhatSo What
19/03/2020 • 20:09:00Please Don't Leave MePlease Don't Leave Me
20/09/2008So WhatSo What
11/08/2008So What (Bimbo Jones Mix)So What (Bimbo Jones Mix)
23/04/2007Dear Mr. PresidentDear Mr. President
02/04/2007Dear Mr. PresidentDear Mr. President
19/03/2020 • 20:07:00Dear Mr. President (Live At Q Music)Dear Mr. President (Live At Q Music)
21/12/2006Dear Mr. PresidentDear Mr. President
21/12/2006Dear Mr. PresidentDear Mr. President
20/11/2006Nobody KnowsNobody Knows
28/08/2006U + Ur HandU + Ur Hand
03/08/2006U + Ur HandU + Ur Hand
26/05/2006Who KnewWho Knew
18/05/2006Who KnewWho Knew
18/03/2006Stupid GirlsStupid Girls
07/02/2006Stupid GirlsStupid Girls
07/02/2006Stupid GirlsStupid Girls
19/03/2020 • 20:06:00Stupid Girls (Main Version)Stupid Girls (Main Version)
26/01/2004God Is A DJGod Is A DJ
13/03/2020Best Of R&BBest Of R&B
13/03/2020Female Pop HitsFemale Pop Hits
06/03/2020Lady Boss AnthemsLady Boss Anthems
28/02/2020Mardi Gras Party SydneyMardi Gras Party Sydney
21/02/2020Festa Pop das AntigasFesta Pop das Antigas
21/02/2020Hits PopHits Pop
21/02/2020Mulheres PoderosasMulheres Poderosas
21/02/2020Pop InterPop Inter
17/01/2020Songs zum SchminkenSongs zum Schminken
22/11/2019NOW 100 Hits Sing-A-LongNOW 100 Hits Sing-A-Long
01/11/2019Motivation MusicMotivation Music
25/10/2019Los Nº1 de los 40 (2019)Los Nº1 de los 40 (2019)
04/10/2019Game DayGame Day
20/09/2019NOW 100 Hits MoviesNOW 100 Hits Movies
09/08/2019Pop Internacional 2000-2010Pop Internacional 2000-2010
05/07/2019Now 2019Now 2019
28/06/2019Shangay (25 Aniversario)Shangay (25 Aniversario)
07/06/2019Los Nº1 de Cadena 100 (2019)Los Nº1 de Cadena 100 (2019)
10/05/2019Just the Hits 2019Just the Hits 2019
12/04/2019Dem Du Gør Rent TilDem Du Gør Rent Til
12/04/2019Glad MusikGlad Musik
11/04/20192010s Hits2010s Hits
29/03/2019Car SongsCar Songs
29/03/2019NOW 100 Hits Power BalladsNOW 100 Hits Power Ballads
27/03/2019This Is It 2 Supported by TGCThis Is It 2 Supported by TGC
11/01/20192000s XL2000s XL
21/12/2018Female Pop BalladsFemale Pop Ballads
07/12/2018Now Dance 12Now Dance 12
30/11/2018Radio 10 Top 4000 (2018)Radio 10 Top 4000 (2018)
16/11/2018KnuffelRock 2019KnuffelRock 2019
09/11/2018NOW That's What I Call NOWNOW That's What I Call NOW
26/10/2018Veertig Hits Vol.4Veertig Hits Vol.4
19/10/2018Por Ellas 2018 (Cadena 100)Por Ellas 2018 (Cadena 100)
22/06/2018Orgullo Gay (Streaming Only)Orgullo Gay (Streaming Only)
08/06/2018Veronica #1 Car HitsVeronica #1 Car Hits
25/05/2018Los Nº1 de Cadena 100 (2018)Los Nº1 de Cadena 100 (2018)
18/05/2018Summer 2018 (Sky Radio Zomer)Summer 2018 (Sky Radio Zomer)
04/05/2018Just the Hits 2018Just the Hits 2018
13/04/2018Sing Jou Hart UitSing Jou Hart Uit
12/04/2018R&B PartyR&B Party
12/04/2018Ultimate WorkoutUltimate Workout
10/04/2018Happiness ForeverHappiness Forever
23/03/2018First Dates (2018)First Dates (2018)
23/03/2018Winter Session 2018Winter Session 2018
16/03/2018Dance Hits 2018Dance Hits 2018
02/03/2018Mother's Day SongsMother's Day Songs
27/02/2018Absolute #1sAbsolute #1s
23/02/2018Great Love SongsGreat Love Songs
23/02/2018NOW That's What I Call RemixNOW That's What I Call Remix
16/02/2018Bok Radio 40 Nommer 1 TreffersBok Radio 40 Nommer 1 Treffers
10/02/2018Sad SongsSad Songs
06/02/2018The Divas 3The Divas 3
26/01/2018Sunday Morning Songs Vol.3Sunday Morning Songs Vol.3
22/12/2017New Year's Eve 2017/18New Year's Eve 2017/18
08/12/2017RMF FM Najlepsza Muzyka 2017RMF FM Najlepsza Muzyka 2017
08/12/2017Wow! Najwieksze Hity 2017Wow! Najwieksze Hity 2017
01/12/2017Music Made for FitnessMusic Made for Fitness
01/12/2017Some Fitness MusicSome Fitness Music
17/11/2017DansePlus 2018DansePlus 2018
17/11/2017KnuffelRock 2018KnuffelRock 2018
17/11/2017MuchDance 2018MuchDance 2018
17/11/2017Now Dance 11Now Dance 11
17/11/2017The Ultimate Office PartyThe Ultimate Office Party
10/11/2017NOW That's What I Call the 00sNOW That's What I Call the 00s
10/11/2017Qmusic Top 1000 (2017)Qmusic Top 1000 (2017)
28/08/2017Born In America: Las VegasBorn In America: Las Vegas
28/08/2017Born In America: Los AngelesBorn In America: Los Angeles
25/08/2017Ons Gaan Nou Lekker Dans Vol.3Ons Gaan Nou Lekker Dans Vol.3
11/08/2017Najlepsze Remixy Na ImprezeNajlepsze Remixy Na Impreze
30/06/2017Hot Country Vol. 1Hot Country Vol. 1
23/06/2017Shazam Hall Of FameShazam Hall Of Fame
08/06/2017Gay Pride HitsGay Pride Hits
02/06/2017The Classic R&B CollectionThe Classic R&B Collection
15/05/2017Summer 2017 (Sky Radio Zomer)Summer 2017 (Sky Radio Zomer)
28/04/2017Cosmic HallelujahCosmic Hallelujah
07/04/2017Waterfall (Seeb Remix)Waterfall (Seeb Remix)
03/02/2017Single and Loving ItSingle and Loving It
30/12/2016Post-Party WorkoutPost-Party Workout
25/11/2016RMF FM Najlepsza Muzyka 2016RMF FM Najlepsza Muzyka 2016
15/11/2016Happy TimesHappy Times
07/10/2016Muzyka Radia Zet vol. 12Muzyka Radia Zet vol. 12
23/09/2016100 Lovesongs100 Lovesongs
09/09/2016R&B Anthems: Classic JamsR&B Anthems: Classic Jams
02/09/2016Treffers van die 00'sTreffers van die 00's
12/08/2016The Divas 2The Divas 2
08/07/2016Pop AnthemsPop Anthems
22/04/201621 Massive 00s Hits21 Massive 00s Hits
22/04/2016Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday
22/04/2016KnuffelRock Top 100KnuffelRock Top 100
04/04/2016Love SoundsationLove Soundsation
11/03/2016Keep Calm & Be HappyKeep Calm & Be Happy
11/03/2016Keep Calm & PartyKeep Calm & Party
11/03/2016Keep Calm & Stay CosyKeep Calm & Stay Cosy
22/01/2016Girls Night OutGirls Night Out
30/10/2015Por Ellas 2015 (Cadena 100)Por Ellas 2015 (Cadena 100)
23/09/2015Wonderland Halloween MixWonderland Halloween Mix
04/09/201500s Party Mixtape00s Party Mixtape
04/09/2015Sing Me to SleepSing Me to Sleep
04/09/2015Workout HitsWorkout Hits
26/05/2015Running HitsRunning Hits
08/05/2015Just Great Songs 2015Just Great Songs 2015
01/05/2015Ultimate... DivasUltimate... Divas
27/04/201530 Stars: 2000s30 Stars: 2000s
27/04/201530 Stars: Voices30 Stars: Voices
27/02/2015Magic: The CollectionMagic: The Collection
27/02/2015Powervrouwen 2015Powervrouwen 2015
20/02/2015Feeling FunkyFeeling Funky
27/01/2015Max Dance Hits, 2Max Dance Hits, 2
26/01/2015#LOVE piano#LOVE piano
24/12/2014Happiness is... Pop!Happiness is... Pop!
10/10/2014Rock rEvolution, Vol. 2Rock rEvolution, Vol. 2
29/08/2014Pure... 2000s PartyPure... 2000s Party
29/08/2014Pure... Dance PartyPure... Dance Party
29/07/2014#planetpop throwback#planetpop throwback
23/06/2014NOW: Los Éxitos del Año 2014NOW: Los Éxitos del Año 2014
17/06/2014Best Pride EverBest Pride Ever
10/06/201450 Pop Sensations50 Pop Sensations
26/05/2014110% POP110% POP
12/05/2014Running Hits 4Running Hits 4
21/04/2014Los Nº1 De Cadena 100 (2014)Los Nº1 De Cadena 100 (2014)
11/04/2014Pure... DancefloorPure... Dancefloor
07/04/2014Mira Quién Baila (2014)Mira Quién Baila (2014)
04/04/201430 Stars: Pop30 Stars: Pop
04/04/201430 Stars: R&B30 Stars: R&B
21/03/2014Pure... Pop AnthemsPure... Pop Anthems
21/03/2014Pure... WomanPure... Woman
17/03/2014Locos X la CarreteraLocos X la Carretera
07/03/2014POWERVROUWEN Top 101 (2014)POWERVROUWEN Top 101 (2014)
31/01/2014It Had to Be YouIt Had to Be You
01/01/2014Just LoveJust Love
01/01/2014Pop Princesses 4 (1)Pop Princesses 4 (1)
22/12/2013Max HitsMax Hits
02/12/2013Flaixbac 2013Flaixbac 2013
25/11/2013Amor à Vida - InternacionalAmor à Vida - Internacional
22/11/2013Party Hits 2Party Hits 2
30/10/2013Wonder Pop 2Wonder Pop 2
28/10/2013Por EllasPor Ellas
14/10/2013Teen HitsTeen Hits
30/08/2013Dance TV SummerDance TV Summer
11/08/2013HITS 2013HITS 2013
02/08/2013Pure... R&B PartyPure... R&B Party
09/07/2013Party Hits, Vol. 2Party Hits, Vol. 2
09/07/2013Sólo PopSólo Pop
05/07/2013Party Hits: Summer EditionParty Hits: Summer Edition
25/06/2013Divinity Jukebox, Vol. 2Divinity Jukebox, Vol. 2
07/06/20132500 x Top 40 - 00's & 90's2500 x Top 40 - 00's & 90's
28/05/2013I Love SummerI Love Summer
21/05/2013Los Nº1 De Cadena 100 (2013)Los Nº1 De Cadena 100 (2013)
21/05/2013Pop MothersPop Mothers
20/05/201336 Running Hits36 Running Hits
26/04/2013Leijonat 2013Leijonat 2013
22/03/2013Back To The 00'sBack To The 00's
22/03/2013Pure... R&BPure... R&B
19/03/2013Los Hits Del Pollito PioLos Hits Del Pollito Pio
15/03/2013Pure... FitnessPure... Fitness
15/03/2013Pure... UrbanPure... Urban
12/03/2013Europa FM (2013)Europa FM (2013)
22/02/2013Beautiful Songs For YouBeautiful Songs For You
27/01/2013Locos X San ValentínLocos X San Valentín
01/01/20132013 GRAMMY Nominees2013 GRAMMY Nominees
01/01/2013BRIT Awards 2013BRIT Awards 2013
01/01/2013Live, Love, LaughLive, Love, Laugh
01/01/2013VTM Kzoom 2013-1VTM Kzoom 2013-1
19/03/2020 • 20:13:0050 Party Hits50 Party Hits
19/03/2020 • 20:13:00KnuffelRock 2013KnuffelRock 2013
19/03/2020 • 20:13:00KnuffelRock 2014KnuffelRock 2014
25/12/2012Hits del AñoHits del Año
18/12/2012Trouble Man: Heavy is the HeadTrouble Man: Heavy is the Head
18/12/2012Trouble Man: Heavy is the HeadTrouble Man: Heavy is the Head
14/12/2012Keep FitKeep Fit
14/12/2012The Sound Of KissThe Sound Of Kiss
07/12/2012Running HitsRunning Hits
04/12/2012Gandia ShoreGandia Shore
04/12/2012Sony Music (The Hits Album)Sony Music (The Hits Album)
19/11/2012Party HitsParty Hits
09/11/2012538 Hitzone - Best Of 2012538 Hitzone - Best Of 2012
22/10/2012The Best of PartyThe Best of Party
19/10/2012Classic TearjerkersClassic Tearjerkers
07/09/2012Pure... VoicesPure... Voices
23/03/2012Pure... PartyPure... Party
01/01/2012NRJ Hits 17NRJ Hits 17
02/12/2011Ultimate Office Party!Ultimate Office Party!
18/11/2011Justice Crew Party MixJustice Crew Party Mix
14/11/2011NRJ Hits 16NRJ Hits 16
11/11/2011Happy Feet TwoHappy Feet Two
07/10/2011Pure... DrivePure... Drive
07/10/2011Pure... Singer SongwritersPure... Singer Songwriters
26/09/2011Jukebox Hits 2011Jukebox Hits 2011
01/08/2011Mad TV - Summer HitsMad TV - Summer Hits
29/07/2011Girls Night InGirls Night In
07/07/2011538 Hitzone 58538 Hitzone 58
03/06/2011Pure... R&BPure... R&B
03/06/2011Pure... SummerPure... Summer
31/05/2011Wind Music Awards 2011Wind Music Awards 2011
03/05/2011Los Nº1 De Cadena 100 (2011)Los Nº1 De Cadena 100 (2011)
19/04/2011Pop #1'sPop #1's
18/03/2011Loose Women Girls' Night OutLoose Women Girls' Night Out
28/01/2011Knuffelrock 2011Knuffelrock 2011
01/01/2011Ultimate Pop PrincessesUltimate Pop Princesses
17/12/2010Work It Out!Work It Out!
10/12/2010Pure... DivasPure... Divas
12/11/2010The World's Greatest BalladsThe World's Greatest Ballads
09/08/201025 Skoletaske-Hits25 Skoletaske-Hits
09/08/2010Zooper HitsZooper Hits
21/06/2010The Imagine ProjectThe Imagine Project
18/06/2010Recovery (Deluxe Edition)Recovery (Deluxe Edition)
28/05/2010Totally PopTotally Pop
07/05/2010Essential - Girls Night InEssential - Girls Night In
01/01/2010Absolute DanceAbsolute Dance
01/01/2010Best Of The BestBest Of The Best
18/12/2009Today's HitsToday's Hits
30/11/2009100 Party HIts100 Party HIts
30/11/2009100 Party Hits100 Party Hits
30/11/2009100 Party Hits100 Party Hits
20/11/2009Dance Nation Vol. 2Dance Nation Vol. 2
23/10/2009Hits & Stars 2009Hits & Stars 2009
19/10/2009La GuestlistLa Guestlist
16/10/2009MixShow RemixesMixShow Remixes
12/10/2009Crazy Frog PartyCrazy Frog Party
18/09/2009I Successi Di SpongebobI Successi Di Spongebob
15/06/2009100 Summer Hits100 Summer Hits
29/05/2009Top HitsTop Hits
15/05/2009Hits For Kids 10Hits For Kids 10
27/03/2009Booom Springbreak 15 SongsBooom Springbreak 15 Songs
27/03/2009Booom Springbreak 20 SongsBooom Springbreak 20 Songs
09/03/2009NRJ Hits 12NRJ Hits 12
29/01/2009Love SongsLove Songs
01/01/2009538 Hitzone Gold538 Hitzone Gold
01/01/2009The People SpeakThe People Speak
01/01/2009Total Dance 2009Total Dance 2009
19/03/2020 • 20:09:00Mum Of The YearMum Of The Year
19/03/2020 • 20:09:00Race For LifeRace For Life
19/03/2020 • 20:09:00The Imagine ProjectThe Imagine Project
19/12/2008Hits Of The YearHits Of The Year
21/11/2008Divas 2008Divas 2008
21/11/2008Divas CollectionDivas Collection
26/09/2008Girls Night InGirls Night In
04/07/2008Pop Years 2000er - StarsPop Years 2000er - Stars
22/02/2008With LoveWith Love
13/02/2008Shiny DigiShiny Digi
19/03/2020 • 20:08:00Divas CollectionDivas Collection
19/03/2020 • 20:08:00Love SongLove Song
05/10/2007Hits & Co 2007 Vol 5Hits & Co 2007 Vol 5
21/09/2007Kuschelrock Vol. 21Kuschelrock Vol. 21
23/07/2007Back To School 2007Back To School 2007
29/06/2007RTL Sommer Hits 2007RTL Sommer Hits 2007
28/05/2007Pehmeät SuosikitPehmeät Suosikit
25/05/2007Booom 2007 - The SecondBooom 2007 - The Second
16/04/2007SubTV Soi!SubTV Soi!
11/04/2007Staraoke HitsStaraoke Hits
16/03/2007Smash! Vol. 35Smash! Vol. 35
05/03/2007World's Best MumWorld's Best Mum
13/02/2007The Hills-The SoundtrackThe Hills-The Soundtrack
05/02/2007My LoveMy Love
27/01/2007My LoveMy Love
27/01/2007R&B LovesongsR&B Lovesongs
12/01/2007RTL Winterdreams 2007RTL Winterdreams 2007
19/03/2020 • 20:07:00MuchDance 2008MuchDance 2008
01/12/2006Cinema HitsCinema Hits
01/12/2006Smash! Vol. 34Smash! Vol. 34
27/11/2006Party On!Party On!
17/11/2006Best Of Love Vol. 11Best Of Love Vol. 11
30/10/2006Kiss R&B Digital DownloadsKiss R&B Digital Downloads
07/10/2006The CollectionThe Collection
19/03/2020 • 20:06:00Live LoungeLive Lounge
19/03/2020 • 20:06:00NRJ Hits 7NRJ Hits 7
03/05/2005Superstars #1 Hits RemixedSuperstars #1 Hits Remixed
14/02/2005Touch My SoulTouch My Soul
01/01/2005Now WhatNow What
19/03/2020 • 20:05:00VoicesVoices
13/09/2004Fox Kids PartyFox Kids Party
16/06/2004Music Box Hity 1Music Box Hity 1
28/05/2004New Divas 2004New Divas 2004
28/11/2003Bravo - The Hits 2003Bravo - The Hits 2003
28/11/2003Bravo Hits 2003Bravo Hits 2003
17/11/2003Romantic Rock 8Romantic Rock 8
13/10/2003Knuffelrock 15Knuffelrock 15
22/07/2003Rock Da PopRock Da Pop
20/05/2003Ultimate Dance DivasUltimate Dance Divas
17/04/2003Love Me TonightLove Me Tonight
28/03/2003The Number One DivasThe Number One Divas
28/03/2003The Number One DivasThe Number One Divas
28/02/2003Smash! Vol. 20Smash! Vol. 20
27/01/2003Nu Divas Vol.2Nu Divas Vol.2
06/12/2002The Dome Vol. 24The Dome Vol. 24
04/11/2002NVNS 2/2002NVNS 2/2002
25/03/2002Nu DivasNu Divas
01/01/2002Moulin Rouge I & IIMoulin Rouge I & II
03/09/2001Moulin RougeMoulin Rouge
01/01/2001Lady MarmaladeLady Marmalade
01/01/2001Moulin RougeMoulin Rouge
01/01/2001The Benzino ProjectThe Benzino Project
19/03/2020 • 20:01:00SpongeBob's Greatest HitsSpongeBob's Greatest Hits
19/03/2020 • 20:01:00SpongeBob's Greatest HitsSpongeBob's Greatest Hits
19/03/1967 • 14:59:00L Tunes: Music From And Inspired By "The L Word"L Tunes: Music From And Inspired By "The L Word"