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The Many Wonders of the World

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This timeline has 22 events organized into 3 topics:

  • Ancient World
  • Middle Ages
  • Modern World
This timeline has 22 events:
01/01/2585 BCE01/01/2562 BCEGreat Pyramid of GizaGreat Pyramid of Giza
01/01/601 BCEHanging Gardens of BabylonHanging Gardens of Babylon
01/01/436 BCEStatue of Zeus at OlympiaStatue of Zeus at Olympia
01/01/352 BCEMausoleum at HalicarnassusMausoleum at Halicarnassus
01/01/293 BCE01/01/281 BCEColossus of RhodesColossus of Rhodes
01/01/281 BCELighthouse of AlexandriaLighthouse of Alexandria
01/01/101Catacombs of Kom El ShoqafaCatacombs of Kom El Shoqafa
01/01/701 BCEGreat Wall of ChinaGreat Wall of China
01/01/53201/01/537Hagia SophiaHagia Sophia
01/01/117301/01/1382Leaning Tower of PisaLeaning Tower of Pisa
25/03/142801/01/1431Porcelain Tower of NanjingPorcelain Tower of Nanjing
01/01/3001 BCE01/01/2001 BCEStonehengeStonehenge
01/12/198706/05/1994Channel Tunnel
26/06/1976CN TowerCN Tower
11/04/1931Empire State BuildingEmpire State Building
05/01/193327/05/1937Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Bridge
01/01/197005/05/1984Itaipu DamItaipu Dam
10/05/1997Delta and Zuiderzee Works
01/01/188007/01/1914Panama CanalPanama Canal