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"The redecoration of Hagia Sophia began in the late ninth century, at the same time the second Golden Age of the Byzantine Empire began. In view of its size and its architectural complexity, the great church was less suited to figural mosaic treatment than other, smaller domed cruciform churches of this time, whose interiors could be seen at a glance and hence treated as a unit in decorative terms."

One of the seraphs that adorn the ceiling.

The Virgin and Child, on the half dome of the apse. Though they appear small, the figures are about sixteen feet high.

10th century mosaic of the Virgin and Child, sided by Constantine and Justinian.

The Deesis mosaic, from the 13th century. Christ is at the center; Saint John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary are by his side.

Detail of the Deesis

Hagia Sophia: Construction and Reconstruction

Hagia Sophia: Construction and Reconstruction