Foundation of the Wafd Party, in Egypt

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"Getting to Paris, and getting to Wilson, became the chief goal of nationalists everywhere. [...] Egyptian nationalists sought to send Sa‘d Zaghlul, a leading reformer. Zaghlul began taking English lessons in the hope of meeting Wilson. “No people more than the Egyptian people,” he wrote to Wilson, “has felt strongly the joyous emotion of the birth of a new era which, thanks to your virile action, is soon going to impose itself upon the universe.” Zaghlul’s supporters organized a new political party around the goal of getting him to Paris. They called it the Wafd, which means “delegation” in Arabic."

Daniel Immerwahr. How to Hide an Empire (Locais do Kindle 1909-1914). Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Edi...

Flag of the Wafd Party

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Saad Zaghloul, leader of the Wafd Party and Prime Minister of Egypt from January to November 1924.

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Zaghlul Pasha At No. 10 Zashou Pasha At No. 10 (1924)
Late Zaghlul Pasha (1927)



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