Italy: women can vote, but their right to be elected was limited

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The Italian Constitution guaranteed formal gender equality, but there was still legal discrimination. Since 1924 women could vote only for local elections. On 1st February 1945, women suffrage was granted in Italy for the first time.

The emancipation process took to the year 1963, when women could be part of Politician parties and hold all offices. Until then, women could only occupy posts rejected by men. 

— Women's suffrage in Italy, Three Worlds One Europe


Women's Suffrage in Italy. Three Worlds One Europe.

Academic articles

Women, war and the vote: gender and politics in Italy, 1940–46, by Perry R. Wilson.

The Women’s Suffrage Campaign in Italy in 1919 and Voce Nuova (“New Voice”): Corporatism, Nationalis...

Anna Maria Mozzoni, Italian feminist.

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